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Iris Chang
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A historian at the Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences has compiled the most accurate estimate of how many were killed in Nanking. What figure has he reached?
(a) 201,000.
(b) 227,400.
(c) 106,000.
(d) 15,000.

2. In which year does a group of officers launch a coup d'etat in Tokyo that kills the Prime Minister?
(a) 1931.
(b) 1932.
(c) 1936.
(d) 1934.

3. Approximately how many Chinese civilians and former soldiers are killed during the mass execution near Mufu Mountain?
(a) 104,000.
(b) 57,000.
(c) 12,000.
(d) 30,000.

4. In what year does the Meiji government of Japan send a naval fleet to Korea to force a commerce agreement?
(a) 1876.
(b) 1675.
(c) 1990.
(d) 1794.

5. According to Kirby, what motivates the Japanese soldiers to behave in such a horrible manner?
(a) Soldiers were unsupervised.
(b) They were tired of the war.
(c) They hated and feared the Chinese.
(d) We may never know.

6. Kirby mentions in the Foreword that the Rape of Nanking accomplished what in the eyes of the world?
(a) Turned public opinion against both Japan and China.
(b) Turned public opinion against China.
(c) Had no effect on public opinion.
(d) Turned public opinion against Japan.

7. What title does Kirby hold that qualifies him to write the Foreword for Ms. Chang's book?
(a) President of Yale University.
(b) Professor of Modern Japanese History.
(c) President of Princeton.
(d) Professor of Modern Chinese History.

8. After the Japanese victory at Shanghai, Chinese officials do all BUT WHICH of the following to prepare for possible attacks elsewhere?
(a) Hold practice air-raid drills.
(b) Order residents to camouflage homes.
(c) Order civilians out of the cities.
(d) Have citizens build bomb shelters.

9. Chang says in "The Fall of Nanking" that which of her own family members barely manage to stay together while evacuating Nanking?
(a) Aunt and uncle.
(b) Grandparents.
(c) Parents.
(d) Cousins.

10. On what date does the commander who is left in charge of Nanking receive orders from the leader of the Nationalists to abandon the city?
(a) November 26.
(b) December 29.
(c) January 3.
(d) December 11.

11. All BUT WHICH of the following groups of citizens remain in Nanking after the soldiers leave the city?
(a) Elderly.
(b) Government leaders.
(c) Children.
(d) Poor.

12. For Asian nations, World War II can be dated from which year?
(a) 1941.
(b) 1935.
(c) 1939.
(d) 1931.

13. Kirby states that Ms. Chang has drawn connections between which of the following?
(a) Slaughter in Europe and Asia.
(b) Japanese and Chinese crimes.
(c) American ignorance and Asian arrogance.
(d) Events in America and Europe.

14. How many women does Chang say are raped during the Japanese occupation of Nanking?
(a) Between twenty and eighty thousand.
(b) Between three and four hundred.
(c) Between five and six thousand.
(d) Between fifteen and eighteen thousand.

15. In what year does China's war with Japan end?
(a) 1937.
(b) 1932.
(c) 1945.
(d) 1944.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the Introduction, Ms. Chang quotes which of the following authors as stating that to forget a holocaust is to kill twice?

2. In "The Fall of Nanking," how many divisions does the commander in charge of Nanking give authority to cross the Yangtze River?

3. Which of the following does the author NOT discover is a published book on the subject of Nanking?

4. When the Nanking Safety Zone is initially set up, how long does the International Committee intend for it to be open?

5. In "Six Weeks of Horror," who is the woman who fights back against the Japanese rapists?

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