Objects & Places from The Rape of Nanking

Iris Chang
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This location is a city in China that endured a brutal occupation by Japanese troops during World War II.

Yangtze River

This location surrounds the site of the Japanese occupation and was the site of multiple mass murders by Japanese soldiers.


This is the philosophy of many Japanese people; it states that the emperor is the true ruler of the world; the philosophy may have been what allowed Japanese soldiers to torture and kill Chinese civilians with little or no remorse.


This group is made up of the Japanese emperor's ancient protectors; this group's code of conduct may have contributed to the behavior of Japanese soldiers during the occupation.


This location, famous for history and silk, was another site of Japanese war crimes. The author states that the Chinese population in this area fell from 350,000 to less than 500 people.

Comfort Houses

These locations were...

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