Daily Lessons for Teaching The Rape of Nanking

Iris Chang
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Lesson 1 (from Forward)



William Kirby writes the Foreword for the Rape of Nanking. Students will discuss the purpose of a foreword and what factors qualify a person to write this part of a book.


1. Groups: What do students already know about forewords? What purpose do forewords serve, and why is a foreword separate from an introduction? What qualifies an individual to write a foreword, and can an unqualified writer ruin the gist of a book? Does the writer need to be an expert on the subject in question? Why or why not?

2. Writing activity: In order to fully understand the purpose of a foreword, students will write two paragraphs on who they would pick to write a foreword if they were to complete an autobiography. What person in students' lives would be qualified to do so, and why?

3. Class discussion: What qualifies William Kirby to write the...

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