The Rape of Nanking Character Descriptions

Iris Chang
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Victims of the Rape of Nanking

These people, and the horrors they endured at the hands of the Japanese, are the focus of the book.

Robert Wilson

This person was a member of the International Committee who continued to work to provide medical care to the community after most colleagues had fled the city.

Wilhelmina Vautrin

This person became the head of the Ginling College and did as much as possible to prevent young women from being kidnapped for prostitution by the Japanese; the mental burden of what was witnessed was eventually overwhelming, and this person committed suicide years after the ordeal.

John Rabe

This person was a German national and leader of the local Nazi party, but was much more focused on the socialist ideals of the Nazi party than the Jewish extermination. This person helped to create the Nanking Safety Zone and frequently chased Japanese soldiers...

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