The Rape of Nanking Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Iris Chang
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• Foreword is written by Professor William Kirby of Harvard University.

• Kirby introduces Iris Chang's book.
• Kirby gives a great deal of statistical information about the Rape of Nanking.

• The Foreword gives a brief synopsis of the atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers during the occupation of Nanking.
• Kirby introduces Chang's source material.

• Kirby expresses personal horror at the massacre and support of Chang's efforts to publicize the tragedy.


• Chang notes that few massacres match the scale of the atrocities at Nanking.

• She notes that Japan has not only escaped paying war reparations, but that the nation has never admitted the massacre occurred.
• A number of statistics are given to better illustrate the grim reality of the Nanking massacre.

• Chang gives a basic but brutal description of common Japanese practices toward Chinese victims.
• Chang states her motives in publishing the book, namely that most of the world is...

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