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Lori Schiller
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was the "sweet guy" from that was "serious enough to want to marry" Lori?
(a) Houston.
(b) Boston.
(c) Miami.
(d) Chicago.

2. What kind of tree would Nancy Schiller sit in when she was a child and dream of her future?
(a) A fig tree.
(b) An apple tree.
(c) A lilac tree.
(d) An olive tree.

3. How old was Steven Schiller when Lori was first committed?
(a) 18.
(b) 12.
(c) 16.
(d) 14.

4. During the summer prior to Steven's senior year of high school, where did he work?
(a) The city pool.
(b) Smithon Vet Clinic.
(c) Big Burt's Pawn.
(d) Cherry Lawn Farm.

5. What did Steven admit that he had refused to do at the end of Chapter 7, "Steven Schiller, Scarsdale, New York, July 1982"?
(a) Take care of his mother.
(b) Feed Lori's dog.
(c) Go to see a doctor.
(d) Go see Lori in the hospital.

6. What did Lori Schiller lose at a card game?
(a) A sapphire ring.
(b) A diamond bracelet.
(c) A gold locket.
(d) A emerald earring.

7. What did Lori Winter's brother go to college for?
(a) Medicine.
(b) Law.
(c) Pediatriac cardiology.
(d) Neurology.

8. What kind of classes did Steven's father urge him to take during his senior year in high school?
(a) Easy/remedial classes.
(b) Honors classes.
(c) Only morning classes so that he could be home in the afternoon.
(d) None-he wanted him to drop out.

9. Why did Lori Winters have to call 911?
(a) Lori Schiller had climbed onto a balcony ledge.
(b) Lori Schiller had attacked her with a knife.
(c) Lori Schiller had slit her wrists.
(d) Lori Schiller had taken a bottle of pills.

10. What movie did Lori state "psychotic" meant?
(a) "Sybil."
(b) "The Three Faces of Eve."
(c) "A Beautiful Mind."
(d) "Psycho."

11. What was the name of the camp that Lori had attended for many years?
(a) Lincoln Farm.
(b) Abrahams Valley.
(c) Abraham Farm.
(d) Jolly Acres.

12. What "infuriated" Nancy when she stopped at Peppermint Park?
(a) The chairs.
(b) All of the following.
(c) The awning.
(d) The fake Tiffany windows.

13. What did Lori Winters tell Marvin that Lori had tried to do when the police had arrived at their apartment?
(a) Cut Lori Winters with a knife.
(b) Grab a policeman's gun.
(c) Jump out of the window.
(d) Choke one of the officers.

14. During the summer of what year did Lori's family drive across country?
(a) 1970.
(b) 1978.
(c) 1982.
(d) 1974.

15. What is wrong with the memory that plagued Lori, as described in Chapter 2, "Lori, Scarsdale, New York, August 1970-August 1977"?
(a) It was actually from when she was only 4 years of age and not 10.
(b) It was not remembered correctly- it was a ferret.
(c) It was not true.
(d) It was her brother who did it and not her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Lori want to tell people were real (from Chapter 11, "Lori, Scarsdale, New York, May 1983 - August 1983")?

2. What did Lori and her friends drive to Turners Falls to try?

3. Where did Lori Winters plan on working when she moved back to her home city?

4. What words did Chapter 8, "Nancy Schiller, Payne Whitney Clinic, New York, August 1982 - September 1982" open with?

5. Where was Tara Sonenshine from originally?

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