The Quiet Game Character Descriptions

Greg Iles
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Penn Cage

This character is a thirty-eight year old author and former prosecutor.

Caitlin Masters

This character is the publisher of the Natchez Examiner.

Judge Leo Marston

This character is the most influential person in Natchez, Mississippi.

Ray Presley

This character is blackmailing the protagonist's father.

Olivia Marston

This character refuses to discuss the past at all.

Dr. Tom Cage

This character has earned the respect of everyone in town, with one notable exception.

Delano Payton

This character was murdered in what was believed to be a racial killing in 1968.

Althea Payton

This character asks the protagonist to look into the 1968 murder.

Georgia Payton

This character is the mother of the person murdered in 1968.

Annie Cage

This character is the protagonist's child.

Sarah Cage

This character dies seven months before the story begins.

Maude Marston

This character is vicious and spends more time drunk than not.

Ike Ransom

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