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Philippa Gregory
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the atmosphere at court after the news of the Queen's pregnancy spreads?
(a) The court turns against Elizabeth.
(b) The court is serious and sombre.
(c) The court is alive with love and happiness.
(d) The court turns against Phillip.

2. In what month does Mary ascend to the throne?
(a) August.
(b) June.
(c) May.
(d) July.

3. What does Mary fear besides marriage in 1553?
(a) Leading an army.
(b) Ruling alone.
(c) An outbreak of plague.
(d) Losing her subjects' approval.

4. What is one reason Hannah decides to remain at Mary's court in autumn, 1553?
(a) Hannah is in love with one of Mary's male servants.
(b) Hannah is in no rush to marry Daniel.
(c) Hannah enjoys the influence she has as one of Mary's closest confidents.
(d) Hannah has been told it would be dangerous for her to leave.

5. Why does Queen Mary request Elizabeth to return to court in the summer of 1554?
(a) To welcome Prince Philip.
(b) So Mary can utilize Hannah as a spy.
(c) To keep Hannah away from Elizabeth.
(d) To take advantage of the information Hannah provides with her visions.

6. What news saddens Mary in 1553?
(a) Elizabeth has become a Lutheran.
(b) Spain has declared war on England.
(c) The King is closing down a nearby convent.
(d) Edward is still ill.

7. What could associating with Lord Dudley do to Hannah's family in 1553?
(a) Cost them their family fortune.
(b) Give them an advantage in society.
(c) Afford them protection in times of war.
(d) Jeopardize their safety.

8. How does Elizabeth's condition change during winter, 1554?
(a) She is expected to die.
(b) She begins hallucinating.
(c) She recovers completely.
(d) She becomes increasingly depressed.

9. What does Hannah look at before leaving London in 1554?
(a) The palace gardens.
(b) Westminster Abbey.
(c) A plume of smoke in the sky.
(d) The Tower.

10. Why is Hannah sent to Lady Mary's home in 1553?
(a) To be a servant and spy.
(b) To reform the running of Mary's household.
(c) To meet with a potential marriage partner.
(d) To coach Mary on etiquette.

11. How does Hannah spend her mornings at court in spring, 1553?
(a) Studying with John Dee.
(b) Praying at the cathedral.
(c) Playing in the garden.
(d) Meditating to encourage her visions.

12. What does Mary hope to do by marrying Philip?
(a) Make political ties in eastern Europe.
(b) Appease the rebels.
(c) Have the Spanish army fight England's wars.
(d) Provide an heir for the citizens of England.

13. Which of the following is a castle that Mary flees to after Edward's death?
(a) Lavendon Castle.
(b) Totternhoe Castle.
(c) Flamlingham Castle.
(d) Eastcotts Castle.

14. Where does Elizabeth spend her winter in 1554?
(a) Woodstock.
(b) Wallingford.
(c) Kidlington.
(d) Banbury.

15. Where is Elizabeth before she is taken back to London in 1554?
(a) Aldwick.
(b) Ashridge.
(c) Aspenden.
(d) Adeyfield.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Elizabeth feel about returning to London in 1554?

2. How does Hannah feel about being sent to Lady Mary's home in 1553?

3. What does Mary spend hours agonizing over in the spring of 1554?

4. Where in France do Hannah's father and Daniel decide to go in 1554?

5. Where is Lady Mary's home?

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