The Queen's Fool Short Essay - Answer Key

Philippa Gregory
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1. Why is Hannah sent to the English court in the summer of 1548?

Hannah's father is a printer and book seller by trade, and in the summer of 1548 he sends Hannah to the English court to deliver a set of books.

2. What vision does Hannah have concerning Tom Seymour?

When Hannah sees Tom Seymour he is in a compromising situation with Princess Elizabeth, and she has a vision of a scaffold over his shoulder. Seymour is hanged within a year of Hannah's vision, charged with treason.

3. Under what circumstances do Hannah and her father move to England?

In the winter of 1552-1553, Hannah and her father move to England. Their family is Jewish and because of political persecution they are forced to relocate under assumed names and a new religion.

4. How did Hannah's father keep her safe after they fled from Spain?

After fleeing from Spain, in order to keep his daughter safe, Hannah's father insisted that she dress like a boy and pretend to be his apprentice.

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