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Philippa Gregory
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Winter 1556 - Summer 1557.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Hannah go home in April of 1553?
(a) To prepare for her wedding.
(b) To visit her father.
(c) She has lost her employment.
(d) For a religious holiday.

2. What does Elizabeth procrastinate about in the winter of 1554?
(a) Her return to London.
(b) Choosing a husband.
(c) Her planned trip to Spain.
(d) Apologizing to Mary.

3. Why does Hannah's father move to France?
(a) To cut down on his expenses.
(b) To meet with family.
(c) To avoid religious persecution.
(d) To persue a business opportunity.

4. Along with her husband, who is with Queen Mary when Hannah meets with her in spring, 1555?
(a) Reginald Pole.
(b) John White.
(c) Matthew Parker.
(d) Nicholas Heath.

5. What religion does Mary's desired husband practice?
(a) Norse Paganism.
(b) Judaism.
(c) Catholicism.
(d) Lutheranism.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does King Philip go to the area where Hannah lives in summer, 1557?

2. What do the citizens of England do for Mary in winter, 1554?

3. In what month does Mary ascend to the throne?

4. Why did Hannah and her family convert to a different religion?

5. What had Sir William Pickering attempted to do but failed?

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