The Queen's Fool Character Descriptions

Philippa Gregory
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This character is the protagonist of the story and possesses the gift of foresight.


This character is a devout Catholic and outlaws the practice of any other religion.


This character is sent to the Tower on charges of treason, but is later released to live under house arrest.

Daniel Carpenter

This character is betrothed to the protagonist of the story.

Carpenter Family

These characters are Jewish and flee England to live in Calais.

Daniel's Mistress

This character is killed in the street by a French soldier.

Oliver Green

This character is a printer by trade.

Lord Dudley

This character hires the protagonist in service to the court.

Mr. Dee

This character is a scholar who leaves England to study in Italy.

Bishop Bonner

This character runs the proceedings for purging heresy in England.

Cardinal Pole

This character could often be found dining beside the Queen...

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