The Queen's Fool Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Philippa Gregory
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Summer 1548 and Winter 1552-1553

• Hannah's father, a Spanish printer and book seller, sends her to the English court to deliver a set of books.

• Hannah sees Tom Seymour and sees a vision of a scaffold over his shoulder - within a year Seymour has been hanged.

• Hannah and her father move to England. They escape from prosecution in Spain - they are Jewish, and though they publicly convert to Christianity, it is still not safe for them.

• Hannah disguises herself as a boy on her journey with her father for safety.

• Hannah's father arranges a marriage for her.

• While two men from the house of Lord John Dudley are in Hannah's father's shop, she has a vision of a third man with them. She is invited to join the Dudley household to entertain with her gift of foresight.

• The Dudley's really want to use Hannah's talent to make...

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