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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3: A Shelter and a Hiding Place.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did John Winthrop enroll to study law in 1613?
(a) Stafford College
(b) Tameside College
(c) Uxbridge College
(d) Gray’s Inn

2. Where does the Merrimack River empty into the Atlantic Ocean?
(a) Jackson Port
(b) Humboldt Bay
(c) Cape Sable
(d) Newburyport

3. Why did many members of Parliament oppose the marriage of Charles I?
(a) He married a Calvinist
(b) He married a Jew
(c) He married a Roman Catholic
(d) He married a Presbyterian

4. Of whom does the author say in Chapter 2: “Evil and Declining Times,” “[T]heir defiance was also a desertion. They failed their fellow men. They abandoned a charity to which the Puritans held fast”?
(a) The Congregationalists
(b) The Presbyterians
(c) The Calvinists
(d) The separatists

5. In what year did John Winthrop’s first wife, Mary Forth Winthrop, die?
(a) 1615
(b) 1600
(c) 1620
(d) 1629

Short Answer Questions

1. What well-known Suffolk antiquary and friend of Winthrop told him of going to the New World, "The church and common welthe heere at home, hath more neede of your best abyllitie in these dangerous tymes, than any remote plantation"?

2. When was Mary Tudor born?

3. Who succeeded Mary Tudor as the ruler of England?

4. Who is described as “one of the Puritans’ most illustrious preachers” and spoke before the House of Commons in the summer of 1625?

5. In what year did Adam Winthrop purchase the confiscated monastery at Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk?

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