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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3: A Shelter and a Hiding Place.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The charter granted to the New England Company in 1628 authorized the company to settle and govern the area from three miles south of the Charles River to what location?
(a) Four miles east of the Raritan River
(b) Three miles north of the Merrimack River
(c) Six miles east of the Mississippi River
(d) Six miles north of the Hudson River

2. On what date did John Winthrop write home to Margaret from London about the prospect of moving to New England, saying, “If the Lord seeth it wil be good for us, he will provide a shelter and a hidinge place for us and ours”?
(a) October 19, 1630
(b) February 2, 1626
(c) August 23, 1630
(d) May 15, 1629

3. In what year did King Charles I ascend the throne of England?
(a) 1616
(b) 1601
(c) 1624
(d) 1632

4. When John Winthrop was young, his father became a director at what college?
(a) Abingdon and Witney College
(b) Oxford College, London
(c) Trinity College, Cambridge
(d) Aylesbury College

5. Since what year had there been a fairly substantial group of colonists at Cape Ann, according to the author in Chapter 3: “A Shelter and a Hiding Place”?
(a) 1623
(b) 1598
(c) 1616
(d) 1630

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Mary Tudor die?

2. When was Mary Tudor born?

3. How old was John Winthrop when he left for college?

4. What company established the Sagadahoc Colony in 1607 in present-day Maine?

5. Of whom does the author say in Chapter 2: “Evil and Declining Times,” “[T]heir defiance was also a desertion. They failed their fellow men. They abandoned a charity to which the Puritans held fast”?

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