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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Luigi say to Annabel about her next movie role?

2. Who does Annabel meet in the hotel elevator?

3. What word does Annabel use to describe Frederick?

4. Where does Annabel want to go, the next morning after Frederick's death?

5. When the doctor sees Annabel, what does he think about her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Annabel talked to Luigi about the girl in the hospital. The girl said that she was in love with Frederick. Then Annabel added that with so many girls after him, Frederick was driven to suicide, and In the end it pushed him over the edge. Luigi asked her what she was going to say at the inquest. How did Annabel respond?

2. Annabel lies in bed, in Chapter V, thinking about the press conference. It had gone off reasonably well for a first news break. As to how the press conference had actually gone, would it seem that Annabel had still maintained control?

3. Annabel reads the note to her and it's the same lies as to his mother. What does Annabel have to disprove?

4. Danya, who Annabel was going to visit in the hospital, had told many nurses and several doctors that she had been in love with Frederick along with numerous other young women. How does her meeting with Annabel go?

5. Marina is about to leave when Annabel calls her back. What does Annabel want?

6. Annabel left the flat and she went back to the hotel, along with Billy and the baby. She noticed that her suitcases were open and commented on it to Billy. He told her that it was probably the police investigating because Suicide is a criminal offense in Rome. What did Annabel say?

7. When the phone rang insistently in Annabel's room, despite instructions to hold calls, Billy answered it and said the police were downstairs. What would the police want?

8. Danya's parents meet with Annabel after her meeting with Danya and they thank Annabel for coming to visit their daughter. Will they meet with Annabel again?

9. Annabel is wide awake, after her sedation, and wants to know why all her friends haven't been in touch. What has happened with all the people she knows? Is she worried that they have turned against her?

10. Billy started to tell Annabel about Frederick's suicide notes, and when his words had finally registered, she got hysterical and began to scream. Was Annabel having a sort of mini breakdown?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As a society, we have come to expect certain behavior in certain situations. Discuss Annabel's reaction to Frederick's death and her subsequent behavior. Do you consider her actions appropriate? How do neighbors and friends view what she does?

Essay Topic 2

Annabel's motives usually spring from selfishness, although to an observer it might seem a selfless act. Does Annabel do anything from a sense of unselfishness? Frederick called her shallow, but she is very complex. Is that true? Give reasons why you agree or disagree.

Essay Topic 3

Frederick and Annabel have a manufactured public image. Is this image perceived differently by each of them? Discuss the differences. Do they regard their public images as a good thing or not?

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