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Short Answer Questions

1. When the doctor sees Annabel, what does he think about her?

2. What does Anabel find when she goes to open her suitcases in the hotel?

3. When Billy arrives to have dinner with Annabel and Luigi, what does he say?

4. Why would the suit cases have been searched?

5. What does the woman Annabel is visiting say to her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Annabel reads the note to her and it's the same lies as to his mother. What does Annabel have to disprove?

2. Annabel was at the airport, waiting for the plane to Greece. With anonymity, she had bought a ticket and prepared to board a plane. How is it possible to feel free and unfree?

3. When Annabel and Luigi and Billy had dinner together, Luigi didn't see any reason for her lawyer to come but Billy thought it was very important. Do we find out why?

4. Marina comes to Annabel's hotel to talk about the note Frederick had sent her. Annabel offers to pay her bills and says that she need not come to the inquest. Had Marina made a photo-copy?

5. What does Annabel assume Billy wants money for after he tells her about Frederick's suicide notes?

6. Billy hands the notes from Frederick to Annabel and she starts to read. What is her reaction when she has finished?

7. Luigi spoke of Frederick's note to his mother. He said, as did Billy,that letters to mothers were eaten up by the public and it would have finished Annabel's career. It certainly would have destroyed her public image. Anabel said that she was hungry and Luigi said that she shouldn't be tempted. was he talking about what she eats?

8. Luigi tells Annabel that she will have to have a new public image if the accusations in Frederick's notes get out. He tells Annabel that she should go away for a while. Then he asks her if she would consider it. How does Annabel respond?

9. Marina is about to leave when Annabel calls her back. What does Annabel want?

10. Annabel went to the inquest and when she was called, she said that there were some special notes left among Frederick's papers. There was a loud murmur of surprise in the courtroom, the letters were taken from her and the inquest was adjourned until 4P.M. How did Billy react to her action?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Annabel's motives usually spring from selfishness, although to an observer it might seem a selfless act. Does Annabel do anything from a sense of unselfishness? Frederick called her shallow, but she is very complex. Is that true? Give reasons why you agree or disagree.

Essay Topic 2

Frederick and Annabel have a manufactured public image. Is this image perceived differently by each of them? Discuss the differences. Do they regard their public images as a good thing or not?

Essay Topic 3

Annabel and Frederick decided to have a baby. How did the baby impact on their relationship? What was the role of the baby in both their lives? Give examples of how involved they were as parents.

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