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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the hotel provide for the baby to sleep on?

2. When the phone rings after Billy mentions the notes, who does Annabel think is calling?

3. When the doctor's wife questioned her husband as to why Annabel had to have a press conference right away, what did the doctor say?

4. How do Annabel's feelings change, a little while after she has heard Frederick's note to his mother?

5. After the maid enters the hotel room with the tray, what happens?

Short Essay Questions

1. Annabel went to the inquest and when she was called, she said that there were some special notes left among Frederick's papers. There was a loud murmur of surprise in the courtroom, the letters were taken from her and the inquest was adjourned until 4P.M. How did Billy react to her action?

2. What causes Billy to freak out when he sees something go by Annabel's hotel window at night?

3. What does Annabel assume Billy wants money for after he tells her about Frederick's suicide notes?

4. Marina is about to leave when Annabel calls her back. What does Annabel want?

5. Luigi had called the hotel many times and when Annabel got his messages, she called him and he came to the hotel on Sunday. He read the letters and wanted to know if there were any more. Annabel told him that Billy said no. What did Luigi believe?

6. When she returned to her room, Tom asked her why she had turned over the letters to the inquest, saying that she didn't have to do that. How did she answer him?

7. Billy hands the notes from Frederick to Annabel and she starts to read. What is her reaction when she has finished?

8. Annabel was at the airport, waiting for the plane to Greece. With anonymity, she had bought a ticket and prepared to board a plane. How is it possible to feel free and unfree?

9. When Annabel and Luigi and Billy had dinner together, Luigi didn't see any reason for her lawyer to come but Billy thought it was very important. Do we find out why?

10. Annabel left the flat and she went back to the hotel, along with Billy and the baby. She noticed that her suitcases were open and commented on it to Billy. He told her that it was probably the police investigating because Suicide is a criminal offense in Rome. What did Annabel say?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Frederick and Annabel are described as a totally mismatched couple. That's not uncommon, but not enough to drive most people to suicide. What were the major factors in Frederick's case? Would it be vital to examine their early history? Was it inevitable?

Essay Topic 2

Annabel and Frederick decided to have a baby. How did the baby impact on their relationship? What was the role of the baby in both their lives? Give examples of how involved they were as parents.

Essay Topic 3

Annabel made the film "The House on the Piazza" and attracted the attention of Luigi, a producer. It was said that Luigi discovered her. Describe Luigi's role in Annabel's career. Without Luigi, how different would Annabel have been?


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