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Short Answer Questions

1. Of what do the comments of the doctor's child remind Annabel?

2. When Giorgio goes out, how are Annabel's neighbors arranged?

3. What bits of conversation does Frederick hear as he walks through the sets of the film studio?

4. What does the doctor's wife say about Annabel's wanting to speak to the press immediately?

5. How does the doctor avoid crowds at the hospital morgue with Annabel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was responsible for the transformation of Annabel and how did it come about?

2. What was the difference between the way that Annabel and Frederick viewed acting?

3. Frederick, always keeping in the back of his mind the idea of leaving Annabel, had taken a mistress and in Chapter III, we learn that he is constantly going away. How is Annabel managing her private life?

4. One afternoon as Annabel is waiting for Frederick, Billy O'Brien lets himself in with the key that Frederick had given to him. Billy is rude and arrogant and demands food, which Annabel prepares. Billy says that Frederick has threatened suicide and Annabel says he has done the same with her. Should they have taken his threats more seriously?

5. Until quite recently, how would people have described Annabel's physical appearance?

6. In Chapter 4, the neighbors have brought in chairs for everyone to sit. How are the chairs arranged and where does Annabel sit?

7. Dr.Tommasi brings Annabel to her flat where the press is waiting for her. She tells the doctor she needs a half hour to see her baby and then she wants to see the press, but she wants all her neighbors to be with her. Why is Annabel asking for her neighbors to be with her?

8. What is the relationship of Billy O'Brien to the Christopher family?

9. Frederick and Anabel had a secret life in their minds, a life unknown to one another. What was this secret life?

10. Annabel was reading her new script, "The Staircase" when the bell rang. She answered the door and saw friends of Billy, or people who seemed to be his friends and who said they were there for a house warming party at seven 0'clock, according to Frederick. What did Annabel do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Frederick and Annabel are described as a totally mismatched couple. That's not uncommon, but not enough to drive most people to suicide. What were the major factors in Frederick's case? Would it be vital to examine their early history? Was it inevitable?

Essay Topic 2

When Frederick commits suicide, Annabel denies his suicide and turns it into accidental death. His motives and hers, impact on her career. As regards Annabel's actions, is this a case of the end justifying the means?

Essay Topic 3

In his note, Frederick writes to Annabel that she is a beautiful empty shell. Luigi reassures her that she is not. How does Luigi perceive Annabel? What is their ongoing relationship? He jump-started her career. How does he feel about preserving it?

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