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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Francesca do in her ongoing quest to publicize Annabel?

2. What are the headlines Annabel thinks of when she hears of Frederick's death?

3. How disheveled is Annabel's flat after the party?

4. Who writes the film in which Annabel is to star?

5. What are Annabel's thoughts while making her movies in Rome?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter II, we learn that "The House on the Piazza" was the film that established Annabel's reputation. However, the film itself did not draw crowds and was considered lifeless. How did Frederick view the film?

2. Despite Annabel's few unsuccessful calls to some friends, Billy was the one who got did get everyone to leave Annabel's flat and end the out of control party. What did Billy say to Annabel about Frederick not showing up at the party and how did he help Annabel?

3. What is the relationship of Billy O'Brien to the Christopher family?

4. Dr.Tommasi brings Annabel to her flat where the press is waiting for her. She tells the doctor she needs a half hour to see her baby and then she wants to see the press, but she wants all her neighbors to be with her. Why is Annabel asking for her neighbors to be with her?

5. Frederick was attracted to Francesca, Luigi's press secretary, but even though she shared the attraction, she was more concerned about her job. How did she continue to promote Annabel as part of a couple?

6. In Chapter 4, the neighbors have brought in chairs for everyone to sit. How are the chairs arranged and where does Annabel sit?

7. Annabel was now the principal wage earner. Frederick's intellectual aspect and dignity were possible because of what Annabel earned. How did Frederick feel about this?

8. Annabel was reading her new script, "The Staircase" when the bell rang. She answered the door and saw friends of Billy, or people who seemed to be his friends and who said they were there for a house warming party at seven 0'clock, according to Frederick. What did Annabel do?

9. What was Annabel's next film after "The House on the Piazza," and how was it received by the public? Also, how did it impact on the Christopher's personal lives?

10. When the doorbell rings in Chapter 4, someone's son, directed by a note left for him by his mother, has come to Annabel's flat. How does he greet Annabel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Annabel's motives usually spring from selfishness, although to an observer it might seem a selfless act. Does Annabel do anything from a sense of unselfishness? Frederick called her shallow, but she is very complex. Is that true? Give reasons why you agree or disagree.

Essay Topic 2

Even without the advice of a press secretary, Annabel seems very wise about her career and a good businesswoman. What are the things she does that supports that statement?

Essay Topic 3

Frederick and Annabel are described as a totally mismatched couple. That's not uncommon, but not enough to drive most people to suicide. What were the major factors in Frederick's case? Would it be vital to examine their early history? Was it inevitable?

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