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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Annabel find when she goes to check the baby during the party?

2. What is the hair color of Annabel's new found friend,Golly?

3. When styles of acting are discussed, what style does Annabel believe?

4. Which of Annabel's neighbors is considered the most important?

5. Why does Billy go back to Belfast?

Short Essay Questions

1. Dr.Tommassi's child is very rude and not tactful. She makes some mean and penetrating comments. How does Annabel react?

2. The doctor gives Annabel two aspirins and a glass of warmed up wine. The leading neighbors of the palazzo, at the sight of the baby in Annabel's arms, get teary at the sight of Annabel's' tears. She is crying quite hard, when the child says something about how actresses can make themselves cry. What in the child's words brings back echoes of Frederick?

3. Annabel made a second film and then she was to make a next film. Rumors were that Frederick was to play a leading role. What actually happened to Frederick?

4. In Chapter II, we learn that "The House on the Piazza" was the film that established Annabel's reputation. However, the film itself did not draw crowds and was considered lifeless. How did Frederick view the film?

5. What was the difference between the way that Annabel and Frederick viewed acting?

6. The last guest to come to Annabel's flat was Dr.Tommasi. Why was he there and how did Annabel receive the news he came to deliver?

7. When Frederick failed at acting, he turned to writing film scripts and had a number of small successes. What was the script that would bring fame to both of the Christophers?

8. Frederick was attracted to Francesca, Luigi's press secretary, but even though she shared the attraction, she was more concerned about her job. How did she continue to promote Annabel as part of a couple?

9. Until quite recently, how would people have described Annabel's physical appearance?

10. Frederick and Anabel had a secret life in their minds, a life unknown to one another. What was this secret life?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

We are surprised sometimes when we least expect it, that people come forward and do the right thing. Marina, Frederick's mistress, hands a note from Frederick over to Annabel. How different are these two women who once loved Frederick? Do they understand one another? Is this truly an act of kindness?


Essay Topic 2

Even without the advice of a press secretary, Annabel seems very wise about her career and a good businesswoman. What are the things she does that supports that statement?

Essay Topic 3

Frederick and Annabel are described as a totally mismatched couple. That's not uncommon, but not enough to drive most people to suicide. What were the major factors in Frederick's case? Would it be vital to examine their early history? Was it inevitable?

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