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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Billy arrives to have dinner with Annabel and Luigi, what does he say?
(a) He says Marina might still sell a photocopy to a reporter.
(b) He tells Annabel how lucky she is to have Marina's note.
(c) He says Marina might have a photocopy and bring it to the inquest.
(d) He says that Marina might still be in love with Frederick and angry at Annabel.

2. When Annabel is upset about Billy and the notes and cries out disturbing the baby, what does Tom do to calm things?
(a) Tells Annabel how she has to be a good mother.
(b) Tells Annabel it isn't good to upset the baby.
(c) Makes the nurse take the baby outside.
(d) Tickles the baby until he laughs.

3. When Tom questions Annabel again about the notes and asks to what family members they they were written, what does Annabel say?
(a) One to Frederick's father,one to Carl,one to Annabel.
(b) One to Frederick's sister,one to Carl, one to Annabel.
(c) One to Frederick's mother, one to Carl, one to Annabel.
(d) One to Frederick's aunt, one to Carl,One to Annabel.

4. What does the woman Annabel is visiting say to her?
(a) I am grateful.
(b) I never loved Frederick.
(c) Frederick never loved me.
(d) You shouldn't have come.

5. Where does Annabel want to go, the next morning after Frederick's death?
(a) To Church.
(b) To a neighbor's flat.
(c) To the funeral home.
(d) To the hotel.

Short Answer Questions

1. At what time on the morning of the inquest does Annabel's lawyer come?

2. What does Annabel say when Luigi asks about the note Frederick sent Marina?

3. What frightens Billy at the hotel window at night, when he and Annabel are talking?

4. When Annabel leaves the hospital, what do the parents of the woman she had visited, say to her?

5. In Chapter VI, when Annabel hears more about the suicide notes and becomes hysterical, what does Billy do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Luigi came to see Annabel and he told her that she had been wonderful on television. The orgy story is killed. Everyone knows that Frederick died after being pursued by many woman. Will Annabel have Marina at the inquest?

2. When she returned to her room, Tom asked her why she had turned over the letters to the inquest, saying that she didn't have to do that. How did she answer him?

3. Tom called Annabel before he saw her, to discuss the notes which Billy had called him about the night before. He said that Billy wanted a huge sum of money or he would reveal the contents. How did Tom respond to Annable's question of what would happen to her if she didn't pay?

4. Billy hands the notes from Frederick to Annabel and she starts to read. What is her reaction when she has finished?

5. Annabel was at the airport, waiting for the plane to Greece. With anonymity, she had bought a ticket and prepared to board a plane. How is it possible to feel free and unfree?

6. Luigi had called the hotel many times and when Annabel got his messages, she called him and he came to the hotel on Sunday. He read the letters and wanted to know if there were any more. Annabel told him that Billy said no. What did Luigi believe?

7. What causes Billy to freak out when he sees something go by Annabel's hotel window at night?

8. When the phone rang insistently in Annabel's room, despite instructions to hold calls, Billy answered it and said the police were downstairs. What would the police want?

9. Marina told Annabel a reporter contacted her to pay for her love story with Frederick but she turned him down. He wanted to know if Marina was near the Church when Frederick was chased by ladies. How did Marina respond when Annabel asked whether she really thought Frederick was crazy?

10. Luigi spoke of Frederick's note to his mother. He said, as did Billy,that letters to mothers were eaten up by the public and it would have finished Annabel's career. It certainly would have destroyed her public image. Anabel said that she was hungry and Luigi said that she shouldn't be tempted. was he talking about what she eats?

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