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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Billy go back to Belfast?
(a) To get some jobs related to the theatre.
(b) Because Annabel broke off their affair.
(c) Frederick found out about Billy and Annabel.
(d) To work in his uncle's grocer shop.

2. Who does Annabel consider phoning for help to get rid of the people at the party?
(a) The Ketners.
(b) Her sister.
(c) Billy's Eskimo friend.
(d) Luigi.

3. When Giorgio is sent out again, what is he to bring back just for Annabel?
(a) A cup of hot tea.
(b) A sweater.
(c) A woolen shawl.
(d) A blanket.

4. Worried about gossip after the party ends, what does Annabel do?
(a) Annabel tries to hide liquor in the bath room but there's an unconscious man lying on the floor.
(b) Annabel carries an unopened vodka bottle from the kitchen to the bath room and pours it down the lavatory.
(c) Annabel asks a guest tohelp her dospose of some of the liquor.
(d) Annabel hides other bottles in the hall closet.

5. How does Annabel feel about the baby?
(a) Annabel doesn't have the patience to care for him day to day.
(b) Annabel loves talking baby talk to him.
(c) Annabel doesn't want to fuss over him.
(d) Annabel thinks the baby is the only reality of her life.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the headlines Annabel thinks of when she hears of Frederick's death?

2. Who opens Annabel's door and walks in without ringing the bell?

3. What does Annabel say to an interviewer about scarves?

4. What is Annabel's reason for seeing the press right away?

5. How old is Frederick?

Short Essay Questions

1. Annabel was now the principal wage earner. Frederick's intellectual aspect and dignity were possible because of what Annabel earned. How did Frederick feel about this?

2. "The House on the Piazza" did not garner great reviews for the film, but how did it help Annabel's acting career?

3. Frederick and Anabel had a secret life in their minds, a life unknown to one another. What was this secret life?

4. Dr.Tommasi brings Annabel to her flat where the press is waiting for her. She tells the doctor she needs a half hour to see her baby and then she wants to see the press, but she wants all her neighbors to be with her. Why is Annabel asking for her neighbors to be with her?

5. When the doorbell rings in Chapter 4, someone's son, directed by a note left for him by his mother, has come to Annabel's flat. How does he greet Annabel?

6. Annabel was reading her new script, "The Staircase" when the bell rang. She answered the door and saw friends of Billy, or people who seemed to be his friends and who said they were there for a house warming party at seven 0'clock, according to Frederick. What did Annabel do?

7. Until quite recently, how would people have described Annabel's physical appearance?

8. After everyone left the party, the flat was in a terrible mess, and Billy asked Annabel if he wanted him to come around in the morning to help her and Frederick clean up the mess. Did that mean that Billy didn't know anything of Frederick's whereabouts?

9. What was the difference between the way that Annabel and Frederick viewed acting?

10. As more and more people came into her flat, for the party she hadn't known about, Annabel wondered what she should do. Why didn't she just send them all away?

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