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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are some of the views from Annabel's flat?
(a) The Dome of St.Peters and Castel Sant' Angelo.
(b) The Spire of Notre Dame.
(c) The top of the Tivoli Fountain.
(d) The Basilica of St. Peters.

2. Who is Gijo?
(a) A translator.
(b) A middle aged friend of Frederick.
(c) An American Indian.
(d) A male Eskimo.

3. What are Annabel's thoughts while making her movies in Rome?
(a) Annabel never wants to have an affair with Luigi.
(b) Annabel wants to win an award before she and Frederick part.
(c) Annabel is jealous of Frederick's mistress.
(d) Annabel thinks Frederick is having an affair but she doesn't care.

4. What is the name of the film Annabel is making?
(a) The Last Light of Peace.
(b) The House on the Piazza.
(c) The Holiday in Rome.
(d) The Light on the Plaza

5. What does Giorgio's mother send him out to get?
(a) Ice bucket.
(b) Bottle of wine.
(c) Whiskey.
(d) Aspirin.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Annabel get everyone to leave the party?

2. What is the image Frederick Creates for himself?

3. What does the doctor's wife say about Annabel's wanting to speak to the press immediately?

4. What kinds of people does Billy meet in Rome?

5. How does Annabel respond to Giorgio?

Short Essay Questions

1. One afternoon as Annabel is waiting for Frederick, Billy O'Brien lets himself in with the key that Frederick had given to him. Billy is rude and arrogant and demands food, which Annabel prepares. Billy says that Frederick has threatened suicide and Annabel says he has done the same with her. Should they have taken his threats more seriously?

2. What was Annabel's next film after "The House on the Piazza," and how was it received by the public? Also, how did it impact on the Christopher's personal lives?

3. Frederick's longtime friend, Billy O'Brien, came in and out of their lives, usually needing a loan. How did Annabel ensure that Frederick would come to Rome with her?

4. Annabel had a brief affair with an American drama student who was playing a small part in one of her films. How did this affect her marriage?

5. The doctor's wife is surprised that Annabel is taking her baby into the press conference. How does she interact with Annabel?

6. Despite Annabel's few unsuccessful calls to some friends, Billy was the one who got did get everyone to leave Annabel's flat and end the out of control party. What did Billy say to Annabel about Frederick not showing up at the party and how did he help Annabel?

7. After everyone left the party, the flat was in a terrible mess, and Billy asked Annabel if he wanted him to come around in the morning to help her and Frederick clean up the mess. Did that mean that Billy didn't know anything of Frederick's whereabouts?

8. When Frederick failed at acting, he turned to writing film scripts and had a number of small successes. What was the script that would bring fame to both of the Christophers?

9. The doctor gives Annabel two aspirins and a glass of warmed up wine. The leading neighbors of the palazzo, at the sight of the baby in Annabel's arms, get teary at the sight of Annabel's' tears. She is crying quite hard, when the child says something about how actresses can make themselves cry. What in the child's words brings back echoes of Frederick?

10. What is the relationship of Billy O'Brien to the Christopher family?

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