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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Annabel feel about the baby?
(a) Annabel doesn't have the patience to care for him day to day.
(b) Annabel thinks the baby is the only reality of her life.
(c) Annabel doesn't want to fuss over him.
(d) Annabel loves talking baby talk to him.

2. What does Annabel tell her husband after her second brief affair?
(a) The man is an actor and a friend - nothing else.
(b) Annabel wants to have an open marriage.
(c) Annabel loves the man and wants to leave Frederick.
(d) Annabel loves the man and wants to be with him.

3. How are the rest of the children behaving?
(a) They are running around the flat.
(b) They are sitting out front.
(c) They are playing games.
(d) They are behaving well.

4. Why does Billy go back to Belfast?
(a) Because Annabel broke off their affair.
(b) To work in his uncle's grocer shop.
(c) To get some jobs related to the theatre.
(d) Frederick found out about Billy and Annabel.

5. What unusual event happens outside of Annabel's flat at 6:30 p.m.?
(a) People come to take her to a party.
(b) Some people come to her door in error, meaning to go to her neighbors' apartments.
(c) A group of people, who look like friends of Billy's, come to the door.
(d) Her neighbors all come to visit her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens after the party when everyone leaves and Annabel turns out the light?

2. How is the room in Annabel's flat arranged for her before the press conference?

3. What are some of the views from Annabel's flat?

4. Worried about gossip after the party ends, what does Annabel do?

5. Why has the doctor come to Annabel's flat?

Short Essay Questions

1. Frederick thought his wife was superficial. He wanted to know if when she was acting she ever felt the part from deeply inside. How did Annabel respond to that?

2. Who was responsible for the transformation of Annabel and how did it come about?

3. "The House on the Piazza" did not garner great reviews for the film, but how did it help Annabel's acting career?

4. The doctor gives Annabel two aspirins and a glass of warmed up wine. The leading neighbors of the palazzo, at the sight of the baby in Annabel's arms, get teary at the sight of Annabel's' tears. She is crying quite hard, when the child says something about how actresses can make themselves cry. What in the child's words brings back echoes of Frederick?

5. Frederick's longtime friend, Billy O'Brien, came in and out of their lives, usually needing a loan. How did Annabel ensure that Frederick would come to Rome with her?

6. In Chapter 4, the neighbors have brought in chairs for everyone to sit. How are the chairs arranged and where does Annabel sit?

7. After everyone left the party, the flat was in a terrible mess, and Billy asked Annabel if he wanted him to come around in the morning to help her and Frederick clean up the mess. Did that mean that Billy didn't know anything of Frederick's whereabouts?

8. Annabel had a brief affair with an American drama student who was playing a small part in one of her films. How did this affect her marriage?

9. When Billy showed up unexpectedly at the party that Annabel had known nothing about, who did he bring with him?

10. Frederick and Anabel had a secret life in their minds, a life unknown to one another. What was this secret life?

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