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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Annabel feel when she is waiting at the airport?
(a) Sad that nobody recognizes her.
(b) Frightened at walking away from everything.
(c) Free and unfree and completely unknown.
(d) Worried about her public image.

2. When Annabel arrived at the hospital for her visit to the woman found on the floor, what occurred?
(a) Some of the crowd hissed at her when she first got out of the car.
(b) She was tired of black and wore all white instead.
(c) The press began throwing questions at Annabel and she had to hurry in to the hospital.
(d) Annabel told the crowd she forgave all the women, even the ones who sent him to his death.

3. What does Billy bring to the flat the morning after the press conference?
(a) Extra food for the baby.
(b) Frederick's effects.
(c) Coffee and a croissant.
(d) The newspapers.

4. What does Luigi say to Annabel about her next movie role?
(a) She might have to do a lot more press releases.
(b) Not being part of a couple may have changed her public image.
(c) Being seen with her baby may have changed her public image.
(d) She might have to take time off and go away for a while.

5. What does Annabel say when Luigi asks about the note Frederick sent Marina?
(a) Annabel says Frederick's note to his mother made her cry.
(b) Annabel was given the note because Marina thought Frederick was mad.
(c) Luigi tells Annabel that she should think about a different career.
(d) Annabel tells Luigi that she has always wanted to write.

6. When Billy arrives to have dinner with Annabel and Luigi, what does he say?
(a) He tells Annabel how lucky she is to have Marina's note.
(b) He says Marina might still sell a photocopy to a reporter.
(c) He says that Marina might still be in love with Frederick and angry at Annabel.
(d) He says Marina might have a photocopy and bring it to the inquest.

7. In all of the notes, what is the one accusation against Annabel that Fredrick consistently mentions.
(a) Annabel is spending too much money.
(b) Annabel is mocking him with orgies.
(c) Annabel makes fun of his writing.
(d) Annabel never helps him out with money.

8. When the doctor's wife questioned her husband as to why Annabel had to have a press conference right away, what did the doctor say?
(a) She may want to go out of town tomorrow.
(b) She will probably want to sleep all day tomorrow.
(c) It's a matter of her profession. One has to continue, no matter what.
(d) She may not feel well enough to see the press tomorrow.

9. What does Luigi say to Annabel about the girl found unconscious on the bathroom floor of her flat?
(a) She was one of Frederick's many girl friends.
(b) He tells her not to worry because the girl is all right now.
(c) Frederick had promised the girl he would leave Annabel for her.
(d) The girl is a drug abuser and was a friend of Frederick.

10. What does Annabel say at the inquest?
(a) Frederick never should have written these notes.
(b) There are some special messages and four notes from Frederick, whichI have here.
(c) Frederick wrote to the son whom he never wanted to see.
(d) Frederick wrote to his mother who has been dead for four years.

11. As the notes were taken from Annabel, what happened to Billy's face?
(a) He looked stunned.
(b) He called out in anger to Annabel..
(c) He just turned his head from side to side.
(d) He closed his eyes and looked away.

12. What does Annabel have to do when she first wakes up in the morning?
(a) Call the funeral home.
(b) Feed the baby,
(c) Find a suit for Frederick.
(d) Finish straightening up the flat.

13. What does the hotel provide for the baby to sleep on?
(a) A changing table.
(b) A cot.
(c) A refrigerator.
(d) Diapers.

14. When Francesca was brought back to Rome by Luigi, what was she instructed to do for Annabel?
(a) She was to write press releases, to be sent out about Annabel..
(b) She was to leak rumors to the press, favorable to Annabel.
(c) She was to help Annabel as much as possible.
(d) She was to set up interviews between Annabel and the press.

15. When she mentions Danya to her friend, Golly, what does Golly ask her about the family?
(a) She says they will probably spread the word around about Annabel's kindness.
(b) She thought their good regard will help Annabel's public image.
(c) She says her parents are very socially connected.
(d) She asks the name of Danya's parents and says she knows the family fromNantucket.

Short Answer Questions

1. What frightens Billy at the hotel window at night, when he and Annabel are talking?

2. When Annabel leaves the hospital, what do the parents of the woman she had visited, say to her?

3. What kind of image does Luigi think Annabel should have?

4. At the inquest, what are Annabel's last words about Frederick?

5. What questions do the reporters ask Annabel the night of Frederick's death?

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