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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Annabel tell Tom about the notes?
(a) Billy is going to show his notes at the inquest.
(b) Billy must have photo-copied all the notes the night that Frederick died.
(c) Billy plans to blackmail everyone he can.
(d) Billy would forge the notes if he had to.

2. When Tom tells Annabel she has to pay, what does she say at first?
(a) She'll call in the authorities.
(b) She refuses to pay even a penny.
(c) She'll say it's not Frederick's handwriting.
(d) She'll say they're all forgeries.

3. When Francesca was brought back to Rome by Luigi, what was she instructed to do for Annabel?
(a) She was to help Annabel as much as possible.
(b) She was to leak rumors to the press, favorable to Annabel.
(c) She was to set up interviews between Annabel and the press.
(d) She was to write press releases, to be sent out about Annabel..

4. What does Annabel say at the inquest?
(a) Frederick never should have written these notes.
(b) There are some special messages and four notes from Frederick, whichI have here.
(c) Frederick wrote to the son whom he never wanted to see.
(d) Frederick wrote to his mother who has been dead for four years.

5. As the notes were taken from Annabel, what happened to Billy's face?
(a) He just turned his head from side to side.
(b) He called out in anger to Annabel..
(c) He closed his eyes and looked away.
(d) He looked stunned.

6. What does Luigi say to Annabel at dinner after her hospital visit to Danya?
(a) Luigi wants Annabel to plan ahead for the next fifteen years of her career.
(b) Billy will tell the orgy story.
(c) It's a good idea to keep Marina's notes safe with you instead of letting them lie around.
(d) You were wonderful.

7. When Annabel leaves the hospital, what do the parents of the woman she had visited, say to her?
(a) Your husband was so young.
(b) It's so sad about your baby not having a father now.
(c) We hope to see you again.
(d) Please forgive our daughter.

8. What does the hotel provide for the baby to sleep on?
(a) A refrigerator.
(b) A changing table.
(c) Diapers.
(d) A cot.

9. Who comes to Annabel's flat the morning after Frederick's death?
(a) Luigi.
(b) Golly.
(c) Billy.
(d) Dr.Tommasi.

10. When Luigi asks Annabel if she likes fun,what does she say?
(a) No, she doesn't really like fun.
(b) She likes being a solitary widow.
(c) She doesn't think she'll marry again.
(d) She wants to spend all her time with the baby.

11. After the maid enters the hotel room with the tray, what happens?
(a) Billy puts four envelopes on top of Annabel's coverlet.
(b) Billy brings the baby in to Annabel for a quick gkance.
(c) Billy goes in to see the temporary nurse he hired for the baby.
(d) Billy sends the maid out for more rolls.

12. When Billy reads Frederick's note to his mother out loud to Annabel at first what does she feel?
(a) Fear of Billy's having photocopies.
(b) Anger.
(c) Resentment that Billy has found the notes first.
(d) Disgust at Frederick because his mother has been dead for three or four years.

13. After Billy explains how he got the suicide notes, what does Annabel say?
(a) The notes are meaningless to her.
(b) Billy can do whatever he wants with the notes
(c) The notes are forgeries and not from Frederick.
(d) If Billy wants money for the notes, she will pay him for them.

14. What frightens Billy at the hotel window at night, when he and Annabel are talking?
(a) Strange lights.
(b) Figures which seemed to be flying.
(c) Balloons.
(d) Lightening flashes.

15. What does Billy find when he examines Frederick's bedroom?
(a) Frederick's will.
(b) Frederick's love letters.
(c) Frederick's manuscripts.
(d) Frederick's papers and notes.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Annabel feel about changing her public image?

2. What does Annabel's lawyer immediately talk about?

3. Why would the suit cases have been searched?

4. What does Luigi say to Annabel about the girl found unconscious on the bathroom floor of her flat?

5. What is Annabel doing as she scans the papers?

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