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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Annabel actually call for help at the party?
(a) Dr. Tommasi.
(b) Billy.
(c) Golly.
(d) Kurt.

2. Why has the doctor come to Annabel's flat?
(a) To see if Annabel called earlier about the baby.
(b) To tell Annabel that no one can find Frederick.
(c) To explain why he hasn't come to help her earlier.
(d) To tell Annabel that her husband is dead.

3. What are the seven capital sins mentioned in "The Public Image?"
(a) Pride,wlfulness,greed,wrath,jealousy,sloth,covetousness.
(b) Pride,greed,jealousy,wrath,lust,sloth,covetousness.
(c) Pride,covetousness,lust,anger,gluttony,envy,sloth.
(d) Pride,gluttony,wrath,jealousy,lust,wilfullness,perjury.

4. Who does Annabel consider phoning for help to get rid of the people at the party?
(a) The Ketners.
(b) Her sister.
(c) Luigi.
(d) Billy's Eskimo friend.

5. How does Frederick feel about leaving Annabel?
(a) Frederick will stay until he is making more money.
(b) Frederick will stay because she is making so much money.
(c) Frederick thinks he might leave her eventually.
(d) Frederick will stay because of the baby.

6. Which of Annabel's neighbors is considered the most important?
(a) The accountant from upstairs.
(b) The actor who lives next door to her.
(c) The lawyer who loves to give Annabel advice.
(d) The signora whose flat is behind Annabel's.

7. How does Annabel feel about the baby?
(a) Annabel doesn't have the patience to care for him day to day.
(b) Annabel doesn't want to fuss over him.
(c) Annabel loves talking baby talk to him.
(d) Annabel thinks the baby is the only reality of her life.

8. Of what do the comments of the doctor's child remind Annabel?
(a) How his friends also laughed at her.
(b) How he tried to ruin her career.
(c) How he always laughed at her acting.
(d) How Frederick always questioned her sincerity.

9. The night of the party, why does Annabel suddenly feel angry?
(a) Frederick's having arranged that the party take place at the time of his death.
(b) Frederick humiliating her by arranging for strangers to come.
(c) Frederick wanting to hurt her career.
(d) Frederick not planning to come to the party.

10. Where is Annabel's flat located?
(a) On the top floor of an early 1900s apartment house.
(b) On the thrid floor of an old stone house.
(c) On the ground floor of an old chateau.
(d) On the first floor of a 16th century palazzo.

11. What is the image Frederick Creates for himself?
(a) Tolerance.
(b) Congeniality.
(c) Seriousness.
(d) Self confidence.

12. In Chapter II, where is the Director watching the shooting of "The House on the Piazza?"
(a) Milani Fountain in the Piazza Acuta.
(b) Travolta Fountain at the Piazza Delorosa.
(c) Romani Fountain in the Piazza Del Mar.
(d) The Bernini Fountain in the Piazza Navona.

13. How does Frederick deal with Annabel's growing success?
(a) Frederick takes roles offered in plays byStrindberg,Ibsen, Marlow and Chekhov
(b) Frederick refuses to see any of her movies.
(c) Frederick stays home all day and read all the books he had always wanted to.
(d) Frederick tries to find additional parts for her so that she will make more money

14. When Annabel Makes the film "Minerva Arrives at Platform 10," what does the public call her?
(a) Tiger-Lady.
(b) Lady of the tiger eyes.
(c) Lily of the Valley.
(d) Tiger-Lily.

15. Who is Gijo?
(a) A middle aged friend of Frederick.
(b) A translator.
(c) A male Eskimo.
(d) An American Indian.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Francesca do in her ongoing quest to publicize Annabel?

2. Who is the first character we meet as the book begins?

3. What does Luigi say to Annabel when they begin their filming?

4. How is Annabel's performance in the "House on the Piazza" discussed?

5. On what exact days does Annabel expect a furniture delivery in her new place in Rome?

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