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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How well does Annabel speak Italian?
(a) Annabel speaks with inappropriate gestures.
(b) Annabel speaks ungramatically but fluently.
(c) Annabel speaks Italian with great difficulty.
(d) Annabel speaks witha strong English accent.

2. What is the name of the film Annabel is making?
(a) The Holiday in Rome.
(b) The Light on the Plaza
(c) The House on the Piazza.
(d) The Last Light of Peace.

3. Where is Annabel's big role being filmed?
(a) Sardinia
(b) Rome.
(c) Spain.
(d) Greece.

4. What happens with the doctor's outspoken daughter?
(a) She runs out and some neighbors have to go and find her.
(b) She tells Annabel that it's sad that the baby is fatherless.
(c) She refuses to leave.
(d) She makes a nasty comment about Frederick's suicide.

5. How is the room in Annabel's flat arranged for her before the press conference?
(a) The red velvet chair is saved for her.
(b) The love seat is kept for her and the baby.
(c) The chairs are arranged in long rows.
(d) The chair covered in woven gold fabric is saved for her.

6. Why does Annabel's second affair end?
(a) Annabel tells the young man he is stupid.
(b) Annabel throws a shoe at the young man.
(c) Annabel quarrels with the young man.
(d) Annabel laughs at the young man.

7. Where is Annabel's baby and what is it doing right after she moves into her new flat?
(a) The baby is asleep on a pillow.
(b) The baby is in a carriage at the back.
(c) The baby is in the nursery.
(d) The baby is out with Frederick.

8. What bits of conversation does Frederick hear as he walks through the sets of the film studio?
(a) "- whiskey straight up - ".
(b) " - I'm not English, I'm Canadian - ".
(c) " - coffee black -".
(d) " - little cup of tea -".

9. How does Frederick react when Annabel decides they should have a baby?
(a) Frederick tells Annabel that she should not have the baby.
(b) Frederick tells Annabel that all she thinks of is his public image.
(c) Frederick tells Annabel that the baby will ruin her career.
(d) Frederick thinks he will not like the baby.

10. How is Annabel's performance in the "House on the Piazza" discussed?
(a) "Annabel should tend to her English garden."
(b) "Annabel's acting is wooden."
(c) "She's a twentieth Century Jane Eyre."
(d) "Annabel has a brilliant future."

11. How do people perceive Annabel's private life?
(a) Despite her screen image, Annabel is thought to be measured and cold in private.
(b) Annabel is viewed as Frederick's wife in name only.
(c) Annabel appears to the public as a typical self-controlled Englishwoman.
(d) Annabel is considered a tiger woman who lets it rip in bed.

12. When Annabel Makes the film "Minerva Arrives at Platform 10," what does the public call her?
(a) Lady of the tiger eyes.
(b) Lily of the Valley.
(c) Tiger-Lily.
(d) Tiger-Lady.

13. When Giorgio is sent out again, what is he to bring back just for Annabel?
(a) A woolen shawl.
(b) A sweater.
(c) A blanket.
(d) A cup of hot tea.

14. A few months after Frederick's death, when Annabel reflects on what has happened, what does she think?
(a) How much she has loved him.
(b) How little she has known about him.
(c) How little she has loved him.
(d) How poorly suited they have been.

15. When Billy is with Annabel, what does he say about Frederick's suicide threats?
(a) Frederick threatens to throw himself out of a window.
(b) Frederick has attempted to kill himself a while back.
(c) Frederick hopes that Annabel will jump out of a window.
(d) Frederick tells Billy that he was once hospitalized for trying to kill himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Frederick deal with Annabel's growing success?

2. What does Annabel serve Billy for breakfast?

3. How does Annabel get everyone to leave the party?

4. What is the image Frederick Creates for himself?

5. Who does Annabel consider phoning for help to get rid of the people at the party?

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