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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Francesca do in her ongoing quest to publicize Annabel?
(a) Francesca continues to make Annabel and Frederick appear inseparable.
(b) Francesca prevails upon the journalists to write stories about the couple's devotion to one another.
(c) Francesca asks Luigi's photographers for ideas on how to pose the couple.
(d) Francesca waits for press interviews to provide publicity.

2. When Billy is with Annabel, what does he say about Frederick's suicide threats?
(a) Frederick hopes that Annabel will jump out of a window.
(b) Frederick has attempted to kill himself a while back.
(c) Frederick threatens to throw himself out of a window.
(d) Frederick tells Billy that he was once hospitalized for trying to kill himself.

3. What does a neighbor explain to Annabel about why her son came in late?
(a) He has too many girl friends.
(b) His job forces him to work late.
(c) He has been detained at his club.
(d) He always stays out late.

4. What happens with the doctor's outspoken daughter?
(a) She runs out and some neighbors have to go and find her.
(b) She makes a nasty comment about Frederick's suicide.
(c) She refuses to leave.
(d) She tells Annabel that it's sad that the baby is fatherless.

5. What small parts does Annabel play before her role in the film in Rome?
(a) The typist who returns to the office and accidentally interrupts a fatal argument.
(b) The young girl who escapes from her abusive father.
(c) The housemaid who runs off with the delivery boy.
(d) The nurse who administers the wrong medicine to a patient.

6. Worried about gossip after the party ends, what does Annabel do?
(a) Annabel asks a guest tohelp her dospose of some of the liquor.
(b) Annabel tries to hide liquor in the bath room but there's an unconscious man lying on the floor.
(c) Annabel hides other bottles in the hall closet.
(d) Annabel carries an unopened vodka bottle from the kitchen to the bath room and pours it down the lavatory.

7. Who is Gijo?
(a) A middle aged friend of Frederick.
(b) An American Indian.
(c) A male Eskimo.
(d) A translator.

8. When Annabel Makes the film "Minerva Arrives at Platform 10," what does the public call her?
(a) Lady of the tiger eyes.
(b) Lily of the Valley.
(c) Tiger-Lady.
(d) Tiger-Lily.

9. How does Annabel get everyone to leave the party?
(a) The glasses are hidden so that no one can drink.
(b) Frederick sends word that he isn't coming.
(c) Billy comes in and pulls the plug on the record player and everyone leaves as the music stops.
(d) Maina comes to the flat with a note for Annabel.

10. How does Annabel respond to Giorgio?
(a) She begins to sob out loud.
(b) She hands him the baby to hold.
(c) She talks about Frederick.
(d) Her eyes fill with tears.

11. What is the hair color of Annabel's new found friend,Golly?
(a) Ebony.
(b) Grey-tinted.
(c) Platinum blonde.
(d) Auburn.

12. What is Giorgio saying to Annabel when he bends over to speak to her?
(a) He is telling her what a great actress she is.
(b) He is talking about his club.
(c) He is expressing his sorrow and pity for the baby.
(d) He is talking about his job.

13. What does Annabel tell her husband after her second brief affair?
(a) The man is an actor and a friend - nothing else.
(b) Annabel loves the man and wants to leave Frederick.
(c) Annabel loves the man and wants to be with him.
(d) Annabel wants to have an open marriage.

14. In Chapter II, where is the Director watching the shooting of "The House on the Piazza?"
(a) Romani Fountain in the Piazza Del Mar.
(b) The Bernini Fountain in the Piazza Navona.
(c) Milani Fountain in the Piazza Acuta.
(d) Travolta Fountain at the Piazza Delorosa.

15. Why does Annabel's second affair end?
(a) Annabel laughs at the young man.
(b) Annabel throws a shoe at the young man.
(c) Annabel tells the young man he is stupid.
(d) Annabel quarrels with the young man.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the doctor's wife say about Annabel's wanting to speak to the press immediately?

2. What kinds of people does Billy meet in Rome?

3. What unusual event happens outside of Annabel's flat at 6:30 p.m.?

4. Of what do the comments of the doctor's child remind Annabel?

5. How does Frederick react when Annabel decides they should have a baby?

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