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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the words Annabel repeats over and over when she speaks to the reporters?
(a) We loved each other and he never said a word about suicide.
(b) We were talking about going on vacation.
(c) I'll never believe it was suicide.
(d) Frederick would never said a word about suicide.

2. How does Frederick react when Annabel decides they should have a baby?
(a) Frederick tells Annabel that she should not have the baby.
(b) Frederick thinks he will not like the baby.
(c) Frederick tells Annabel that all she thinks of is his public image.
(d) Frederick tells Annabel that the baby will ruin her career.

3. When Annabel arrived at the hospital for her visit to the woman found on the floor, what occurred?
(a) Annabel told the crowd she forgave all the women, even the ones who sent him to his death.
(b) The press began throwing questions at Annabel and she had to hurry in to the hospital.
(c) She was tired of black and wore all white instead.
(d) Some of the crowd hissed at her when she first got out of the car.

4. How does Annabel want to deal with the press?
(a) She wants to avoid them at all costs.
(b) She wants to hide in a hotel.
(c) She wants her press secretary to speak with them.
(d) She wants to see them on her own terms, when it's convenient for her.

5. What does Annabel see when she looks out of the hotel window.
(a) A woman who sees her and waves.
(b) Policemen standing out front.
(c) School kids playing around.
(d) People sitting at tables with expressos and ices.

Short Answer Questions

1. What bits of conversation does Frederick hear as he walks through the sets of the film studio?

2. What kinds of people does Billy meet in Rome?

3. When Luigi visits Annabel at the hotel on Sunday morning, where is the baby and his nurse?

4. When Giorgio is sent out again, what is he to bring back just for Annabel?

5. Where is Annabel's big role being filmed?

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