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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Annabel say to an interviewer about scarves?
(a) Annabel says that she likes pastel colored scarves.
(b) Annabel says that she has lost many friends.
(c) Annabel says her friends don't bring her scarves from theri holidays anymore.
(d) Annabel says that she prefers cotton scarves to any other kind.

2. Why does the doctor come to talk to Annabel rather than the police?
(a) The police would arrest her.
(b) The police don't have a case.
(c) The police would ask too many questions.
(d) The doctor will soften the news as a friend.

3. What does a neighbor explain to Annabel about why her son came in late?
(a) He has too many girl friends.
(b) His job forces him to work late.
(c) He always stays out late.
(d) He has been detained at his club.

4. The night of the party, why does Annabel suddenly feel angry?
(a) Frederick wanting to hurt her career.
(b) Frederick not planning to come to the party.
(c) Frederick's having arranged that the party take place at the time of his death.
(d) Frederick humiliating her by arranging for strangers to come.

5. Why does Annabel's second affair end?
(a) Annabel quarrels with the young man.
(b) Annabel laughs at the young man.
(c) Annabel throws a shoe at the young man.
(d) Annabel tells the young man he is stupid.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Annabel serve Billy for breakfast?

2. What does Annabel say when Luigi asks about the note Frederick sent Marina?

3. What sort of club is Giorgio's club?

4. When Annabel realizes the new visitors after the party were the doctor and his wife, what happens?

5. How does Frederick deal with Annabel's growing success?

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