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Chapter 1

1. Who is the first character we meet as the book begins?
(a) Annabel.
(b) Frederick.
(c) The Secretary.
(d) The gardener.

2. Who opens Annabel's door and walks in without ringing the bell?
(a) Billy.
(b) A curious neighbor.
(c) The housemaid.
(d) The Nurse.

3. Why does Billy go back to Belfast?
(a) To get some jobs related to the theatre.
(b) Frederick found out about Billy and Annabel.
(c) Because Annabel broke off their affair.
(d) To work in his uncle's grocer shop.

4. What small parts does Annabel play before her role in the film in Rome?
(a) The young girl who escapes from her abusive father.
(b) The nurse who administers the wrong medicine to a patient.
(c) The housemaid who runs off with the delivery boy.
(d) The typist who returns to the office and accidentally interrupts a fatal argument.

5. How does Frederick deal with Annabel's growing success?
(a) Frederick stays home all day and read all the books he had always wanted to.
(b) Frederick refuses to see any of her movies.
(c) Frederick takes roles offered in plays byStrindberg,Ibsen, Marlow and Chekhov
(d) Frederick tries to find additional parts for her so that she will make more money

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