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Essay Topic 1

What exactly is meant by a public image and how is it achieved? How did having a public image affect the lives of Annabel and Frederick? Without their public images, how different do you think Annabel and Frederick's lives would have been?

Essay Topic 2

Annabel is characterized by Frederick as superficial and shallow. On what does he base those characterizations? Is his opinion supported by others? Do Annabel's actions support such characterizations?

Essay Topic 3

Billy, Annabel and Frederick were longtime friends. Have they remained friends? What is the ongoing relationship between Annabel and Billy? Is Billy trustworthy? Does he have ulterior motives for his friendship?

Essay Topic 4

Frederick is hostile towards Annabel and her career. Is money an underlying factor? Who is the primary wage earner? Is money ever discussed? How has money affected the way that Annabel and Frederick live?

Essay Topic 5

Annabel and Frederick...

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