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Chapter 1

• Annabel Christopher moves to Rome with Frederick, her screen writer husband and baby.
• Although trained as actors, no one had great success until Frederick writes "The House on the Piazza," starring Annabel as English-Lady - Tiger.
• The marriage is shaky and Annabel has brief affairs with Billy, an actor friend of both, and with an American drama student.
• Frederick views Annabel as stupid, her acting without depth, and is considering leaving her.

Chapter 2

• Francesa, producer Luigi Leopardi's press secretary, is responsible for media access to Annabel and Frederick.

• Francesca influences how Annabel is portrayed to the public.
• Francesca arranges for Annabel and Frederick to be photographed and interviewed together.

• Annabel's public image is the outwardly cool wife with a passionate sex life within her marriage.
• Publicly Frederick plays his role but strongly disapproves of Annabel and her public image.
• Frederick has extramarital affairs, as well as a...

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