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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Mesha sacrifice to appease his idols during wartime?
(a) Animals.
(b) Incense.
(c) His daughter.
(d) His son.

2. In the Old Testament, sacrifices were part of the people's what?
(a) Way of showing how much they owned.
(b) Way of honoring their dead families.
(c) Way of worship.
(d) Way of showing remorse.

3. Heschel says that Jeremiah is often called a prophet of what?
(a) Love.
(b) Wrath.
(c) Doom.
(d) Forgiveness.

4. Who imprisoned Jeremiah?
(a) Canaanites.
(b) Israelites.
(c) Assyrians.
(d) Babylonians.

5. Heschel describes the words of prophecy as a polarity between what?
(a) Anger and love.
(b) Wrath and justice.
(c) Good and bad.
(d) Health and sickness.

6. Who was Mesha?
(a) A herdsman.
(b) King of the Israelites.
(c) A prophet.
(d) King of the Moabites.

7. What does Habakkuk ask God directly?
(a) What do you want me to do?
(b) How long and why?
(c) Why do you call me?
(d) Where are you?

8. Hosea describes Israel as the unfaithful wife and God as Israel's what?
(a) Father.
(b) Husband.
(c) Leader.
(d) Son.

9. Hosea was aware that his relationship with his wife mirrored the relationship of whom?
(a) God and Hosea.
(b) God and his people.
(c) God's people and their kings.
(d) God's people and Hosea.

10. Heschel states that it is a mistake to think that what happens on earth reflects what?
(a) What is happening in heaven.
(b) What is going to happen in the future on earth.
(c) What has happened in the past in heaven.
(d) What has happened in the past on earth.

11. What was another name for Hosea?
(a) Ephraim.
(b) Odem.
(c) Joseph.
(d) Elisha.

12. What does Heschel see as the point when freedom is lost?
(a) When God hardens a person's heart.
(b) When a person misuses it.
(c) When God takes it away.
(d) When a person dies.

13. In order to aid the reader's understanding, Heschel includes an appendix on what subject?
(a) Theology.
(b) Maps of the time.
(c) God.
(d) Pathos.

14. What social ill did Hosea primarily speak out against?
(a) Sin in general.
(b) Idolatry.
(c) Gluttony.
(d) Infidelity.

15. Why does Heschel quote Micah 7:1-7?
(a) To illustrate God's passions.
(b) To show what the people were like.
(c) To show Micah's intense nature.
(d) To prove Micah is a prophet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Heschel say the prophets had to endure?

2. Jeremiah was a prophet when what happened to Jerusalem?

3. What was the name of Hosea's wife?

4. What did Isaiah say that God would do to those who try to honor themselves?

5. How did Amos describe God's voice calling to him?

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