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Short Answer Questions

1. Children come not from a couple, but _________.

2. The victim of killing is purer than _________.

3. How does Almustafa feel about boarding the ship?

4. What brings abundance and satisfaction?

5. People are suspended on _________ between joy and sorrow.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Almustafa declare about love?

2. What do people delight in, according to Almustafa, in relation to laws?

3. It is better not to seek only peace and pleasure in love, but what should one do to open one's self up to love?

4. What other things does love do, according to Almustafa?

5. What does work help one to do, according to Almustafa?

6. What does Almustafa think about crime and punishment?

7. Who does Almustafa say has useful gifts to sell?

8. What does Almustafa say he has observed when the orator asks about freedom?

9. When a man gathers grapes, what does Almustafa say the man must realize?

10. What does privacy become, according to Almustafa?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Almustafa talks about teaching, it seems he says that everyone already has the knowledge they need, but a teacher can help to bring it out of them. What does this say about the learning process or about the schooling situation? Do you agree with the thoughts Almustafa shares on teaching? Why or why not? What does this say about students that do better in school? Does this mean they have more innate knowledge or that they have better teachers?

Essay Topic 2

Those who wear morality as their best garment are better off naked - that's a strong statement in relation to religion. What do you think this means? What do you think Almustafa means? What does this statement mean in relation to religion? Does this mean that religion or morality is a bad thing? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Life and death are one, according to Almustafa. How are life and death similar? What does this mean in terms of the natural fear of death? Since people can only understand death by dying, what does this mean in terms of the statement that the two are the same - can Almustafa even know this is true? Why do you think what you think about that question? Are there any signs that Almustafa's thoughts can be trusted?

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