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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who must be alone in their knowledge of God and the earth?
(a) Mothers
(b) Masons
(c) Teachers
(d) Everyone

2. Only on the ____________ does one begin to climb.
(a) Hill
(b) Mountaintop
(c) Cliff
(d) Edge

3. People should pray when ____________.
(a) Life is teaching them something.
(b) Life is joyful and abundant.
(c) Life is too much.
(d) Life is painful.

4. While being a solver of riddles, what can one not do?
(a) Know the truth
(b) Know the answers
(c) Know God.
(d) Know themselves

5. Who is the messenger of love for the flower?
(a) The grower
(b) The water
(c) The bee
(d) The sun

Short Answer Questions

1. The physician's hand may be heavy and hard, but the tender hand of the ________ guides it.

2. Who claims to have heard beauty shouting in the mountains with the sounds of wild beasts?

3. What is a friend?

4. One can not speak of beauty unless __________ is the weaver of one's speech.

5. What is the harp of the soul?

Short Essay Questions

1. When can one speak of beauty, according to Almustafa?

2. What do people's hearts already know, according to Almustafa?

3. While Almustafa compares the soul to a battlefield, what does he wish his role in this conflict to be?

4. When can people know death's secret, according to Almustafa?

5. When a teacher asks Almustafa about teaching, what does he say one can reveal?

6. Since one should not speak about finding "the" truth, what should a person do?

7. Where does one's giant self lie, according to Almustafa?

8. Why should all people be taken in, according to Almustafa?

9. When does Almustafa say that one speaks?

10. Much of one's talking does what, according to Almustafa?

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