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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The cup burns the lips, but is moistened by what?
(a) A holy kiss
(b) Plain water
(c) The Potter's sacred tears
(d) Fresh rain

2. What does Almustafa claim to have been during this day?
(a) A lecturer
(b) A listener
(c) A zealot
(d) A light

3. Who transmits faith and lovingness and leads students to the threshold of their own mind?
(a) Friends
(b) Beggars
(c) Prophets
(d) Teachers

4. When will the snow bound beauty leap upon the hills come spring?
(a) Winter
(b) Spring
(c) Fall
(d) Summer

5. Who should direct the lips and tongue to speak the truth of the heart?
(a) The spirit.
(b) The mind.
(c) The soul.
(d) The heart.

6. Who claims to have heard beauty shouting in the mountains with the sounds of wild beasts?
(a) The farmers
(b) The nature lovers
(c) The restless
(d) The settlers

7. What is self-chosen, according to Almustafa?
(a) Much of one's pain
(b) The good things that people have
(c) The land around them
(d) The infidelity of one's marraige

8. Beauty is not a need, but a what?
(a) An ecstasy
(b) A gift
(c) A privilege
(d) A wonder

9. Who asks Almustafa about pleasure?
(a) A mason
(b) A hermit
(c) A merchant
(d) A poet

10. Who must not limp before the lame?
(a) The beggars.
(b) The rich.
(c) The strong and swift.
(d) The children.

11. Who asks Almustafa about death?
(a) The mason
(b) Almitra
(c) An elderly man
(d) The caretaker

12. Whose pleasure is it to yield the honey to the bee?
(a) The worker bees
(b) The flower
(c) The honeycomb
(d) The beekeeper

13. Who is everyone's need and giver of all?
(a) Almustafa
(b) God.
(c) The temple.
(d) Almitra

14. Almustafa says that people should not pray only in ________ and ________.
(a) Distress, need.
(b) Ignorance, lies.
(c) Hunger, longing.
(d) Peace, happiness.

15. Prayer is the expansion of one's self into the _________.
(a) Clouds.
(b) Ears of spirits.
(c) Living ether.
(d) Nothingness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who blesses the day?

2. Who speaks again to ask about reason and passion?

3. The soul walks upon all paths, but not on a _______.

4. Who asks Almustafa about time?

5. Only on the ____________ does one begin to climb.

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