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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Farmers and artisans must ask who to sanctify the scales?
(a) The politicians
(b) The head merchant
(c) The prophets
(d) The master spirit of the earth

2. What does clothing fail to hide?
(a) Sorrow
(b) Pain
(c) Ugliness
(d) Dishonesty

3. Where is this story located?
(a) Omata
(b) Orzona
(c) Oliviona
(d) Orphalese

4. Work is not a _________ and __________.
(a) Curse, misfortune.
(b) Blessing, spiritual act.
(c) Joy, adventure.
(d) Necessity, requirement

5. People are free when they can rise above their _________________.
(a) Practicality.
(b) Physical concerns.
(c) Morality.
(d) Families.

6. What do humans have to do to eat?
(a) They must kill.
(b) They share with others.
(c) They must prepare food.
(d) They have to steal.

7. What lies no higher than the lowest foundation of stones of a temple?
(a) The pedestal
(b) The altar
(c) The walls
(d) The cornerstone

8. What does Almustafa prefer - country or urban living?
(a) Urban
(b) Neither
(c) Both
(d) Country

9. Why should people live in country areas?
(a) To get away from the city's pollution.
(b) To find quiet.
(c) To learn how to live off the land.
(d) To enjoy the fragrance of the earth in thier clothing.

10. Love neither ________ nor is __________.
(a) Possesses, possessed.
(b) Arrives, late
(c) Cautions, careful
(d) Becomes, going to become

11. Whose part in a wife's infidelity should be weighed?
(a) The family's
(b) The wife's
(c) The husband's
(d) The cheating partner

12. Who asks Almustafa about eating and drinking?
(a) A young boy
(b) A statesman
(c) An aged innkeeper
(d) A new resturant owner

13. When one faces the sun, images drawn on the __________ mean nothing.
(a) Water
(b) Canvas
(c) Paper
(d) Earth

14. When traveling with the wind, one needs no __________.
(a) Weather vane
(b) Plans
(c) Partner
(d) Map

15. Who asks Almustafa about freedom?
(a) A servant
(b) A lawyer
(c) A judge
(d) An orator

Short Answer Questions

1. A couple's children are not ________.

2. What does Almitra understand about Almustafa?

3. While the drum and lyre can be silenced, what can not be silenced?

4. Who is the person who asks about giving?

5. Recipients should assume no weight of ____________, which is heavy on both, but rather soar alongside the giver.

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