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Orphalese - The long-established, fortified seaside city in which The Prophet is set. The main setting in this city is the temple, where Almustafa addresses the people and which is attended by a male and female priesthood. The town also has a thriving, bustling marketplace; stalls for a rich variety of artisans; at least one school (including an astronomical observatory); a court of law; places accommodating poets and orators; and individual homes for residents rich and poor. Around this city stretches abundant fields and orchards irrigated by slow-moving streams, cut by rapid torrents, and dotted with quiet ponds. It is nestled beneath the majestic hills where a hermit spends most of his time practicing asceticism. From the summit, Almustafa has meditated on life and watched for the ship that will bear him home.

The Ship - Orphalese has been awaiting this object that will bear him home...

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