The Prophet Multiple Choice Test Questions

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"The Coming of the Ship"

1. Who is the chosen and the beloved?
(a) Almustafa
(b) Almitra
(c) The Seer
(d) Orphalese

2. Who is the seer?
(a) Almitra
(b) The ship
(c) The Beloved
(d) Almustafa

3. What can Almustafa not speak to the Orphalese people?
(a) Casual slang
(b) A certain verse
(c) English
(d) His innermost secret

4. Where is this story located?
(a) Orzona
(b) Omata
(c) Oliviona
(d) Orphalese

5. What keeps Almustafa from speaking at first?
(a) Tears
(b) People
(c) Sickness
(d) He's mute

6. What has Almustafa NOT been to the people of the city?
(a) Flame
(b) Seeker of silence
(c) Piano
(d) Harp

7. What does Almitra understand about Almustafa?
(a) His language.
(b) His hatred of the city.
(c) His need for gifts.
(d) His longing for his homeland.

8. Who does Almustafa envy as they enjoy peace and freedom?
(a) The poets
(b) The politicians
(c) The animals
(d) The mariners

9. How does Almustafa feel about boarding the ship?
(a) Excited
(b) Dreadful
(c) Bittersweet
(d) Anxious

10. Who begs Almustafa to remain?
(a) The elders
(b) The prophets
(c) The people
(d) The animals

11. Who proclaims their love to Almustafa?
(a) Almitra
(b) His wife
(c) The priests and priestesses
(d) His children

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