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"The Coming of the Ship"

• Almustafa waits 12 years in Orphalese for a ship to take him home.

• When he sees the ship, he feels bittersweet, but knows he needs to board.

• He envies mariners who enjoy peace and freedom.

• People flock to see him off.

• Almustafa has an innermost secret he can not speak.

• Almitra says she understands his longing for the homeland.

• Almustafa says he can only speak of what moves within their souls.

"On Love"

• Almitra asks Almustafa to talk about love.

• People should strive to be in the heart of God and let love direct their course.

• Love seeks to fulfill itself.

"On Marriage"

• Almustafa says that people who are born together shall be together forever.

• Marriage should leave personal space and never bind.

• Marriage should give one's heart into the hand of Life.

"On Children"

• A nursing mother asks Almustafa about children.

• He declares...

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