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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Danny say about Kotzker Rebbe?
(a) He is heroic.
(b) He is isolated.
(c) He is demonic.
(d) He is delusional.

2. What does Kalman claim unravels and destroys the Talmud's authority?
(a) The Jews having had so much previous Talmudic work destroyed during WWII.
(b) No having a definitive authority since WWII.
(c) David Malter's claims that there are errors in the transcriptions of the Talmud.
(d) Any scholar's insistence on breaking from traditional methods of interpretation.

3. Against what does Kalman fight?
(a) The exclusion of Reuven in the group of examinees.
(b) The inclusion of Reuven in the group of examinees.
(c) Allowing Professor Gordon to guest lecture at his school.
(d) The formation of a rabbinics department.

4. What does Kalman keep telling Reuven as far as Reuven himself is concerned?
(a) Kalman thinks Reuven is not suited to being a Rabbi.
(b) Kalman believes Reuven is misguided by his father.
(c) Kalman does not know what to do with Reuven.
(d) Kalman thinks Reuven would be better as a hands-on Rabbi rather than a theoretical one.

5. What is Abe Greenfield's area of expertise?
(a) Physics.
(b) Medicine.
(c) Law.
(d) Mathematics.

6. Where is David Malter offered a position?
(a) He does not want a new position.
(b) At the Frankel Seminary.
(c) Nowhere.
(d) At the Yeshiva where Professor Gordon teaches.

7. Why is Michael taken away?
(a) For screaming obscenities at other patients.
(b) For setting a fire and cutting Reuven.
(c) For slapping Rachel.
(d) For trying to slit his wrists.

8. What surprises Kalman's Torah class?
(a) Kalman's apology to Greenfield.
(b) Kalman's humility.
(c) Kalman's announcement about his teacher.
(d) Kalman's behavior towards Professor Gordon.

9. Where is Reuven at the opening of Chapter 9?
(a) With Danny.
(b) In another of Rav Kalman's classes.
(c) In the Frankel library.
(d) With Michael.

10. With whom does Rav Kalman have an intense argument?
(a) Rav Gershenson.
(b) David Malter.
(c) Professor Gordon.
(d) Reuven Malter.

11. What does Kalman do in protest about the planned changes at his school?
(a) Leaves the United States for his homeland.
(b) Stops coming to class.
(c) Threatens suicide.
(d) Moves to Israel.

12. Where does Reuven go after Kalman's class?
(a) To sail.
(b) To see Michael.
(c) To talk to the Rabbi of his synogogue.
(d) To see Rachel.

13. What does Reuven take Danny on Friday?
(a) A copy of David Malter's book.
(b) A written transcript of a conversation with Michael.
(c) An invitation to a theological discussion.
(d) A copy of Kalman's commentaries on David Malter's book.

14. With whom does Reb Saunders think Danny is involved?
(a) A Christian girl.
(b) A reformed Jewish woman.
(c) No one.
(d) Rachel Gordon.

15. What does Kalman say to Reuven in class?
(a) Nothing.
(b) He acts as though nothing is different.
(c) Only what is relevant to the daily lesson.
(d) He apologizes for his article about Reuven's father's book.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does Greenfield argue?

2. Who asks Danny to visit?

3. To whom does Kalman apologize?

4. Who does Kalman say was his teacher of the Torah?

5. What does Kalman say Reuven has to do before Kalman will offer his scholarly approval of Reuven?

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