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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the teachers at Professor Gordon's school think about David Malter's book?
(a) They think it is poorly written.
(b) They have serious reservations.
(c) They love it.
(d) They think it is heretical.

2. What does Reuven continue to do with Rav Kalman?
(a) Read obscure textual commentaries.
(b) Explain David Malter's book.
(c) Argue with Rav Kalman about the existence of God.
(d) Try to get Rachel Gordon to date him.

3. How is Michael's treatment progressing?
(a) It has been terminated.
(b) It is going as planned.
(c) It has cured Michael and he is going home.
(d) It is not productive as yet.

4. Who is Abe Greenfield?
(a) Danny's cousin.
(b) The young man Rachel is dating.
(c) A student in Reuven's class at seminary.
(d) A friend with whom Reuven is sailing.

5. From what school is Greenfield earning his Ph.D.?
(a) Colombia.
(b) MIT.
(c) Stanford.
(d) Harvard.

6. How does Reuven's father encourage Reuven to act towards Kalman?
(a) Assertive.
(b) He encourages Reuven not to meet with Kalman.
(c) Agreeable.
(d) Respectful.

7. What is one consequence of the orthodox reaction to Rav Kalman's article?
(a) David Malter may lose his job.
(b) More scholars are leaving orthodoxy.
(c) More scholars are moving towards orthodoxy.
(d) The orthodox contingent at David's workplace do not know if they should approve of his book being published.

8. What does Michael say to a nurse?
(a) He is abandoning Judaism.
(b) He knows what he must do.
(c) He is leaving the United States.
(d) He is never going to talk to his father again.

9. How does Reuven's response to one exam question shock the examiners?
(a) It reveals Reuven's lack of faith.
(b) It suggests that the Talmud did not entirely contain the principles of its own interpretation.
(c) It is radical beyond heterodoxy.
(d) It is in a scope and depth not expected by students.

10. Who does Michael talk about?
(a) Rachel.
(b) Reuven.
(c) Danny.
(d) Professor Gordon.

11. What does Danny give Michael?
(a) A copy of the article Kalman writes about David Malter's book.
(b) An invitation to a debate.
(c) A weekend pass to go home.
(d) A request to meet with another doctor.

12. What does Kalman keep telling Reuven as far as Reuven himself is concerned?
(a) Kalman believes Reuven is misguided by his father.
(b) Kalman thinks Reuven is not suited to being a Rabbi.
(c) Kalman does not know what to do with Reuven.
(d) Kalman thinks Reuven would be better as a hands-on Rabbi rather than a theoretical one.

13. With whom does Rav Kalman have an intense argument?
(a) Rav Gershenson.
(b) Reuven Malter.
(c) David Malter.
(d) Professor Gordon.

14. What is going on with Michael during this time?
(a) He is talking about his feelings finally.
(b) He is in a coma.
(c) He is sitting silent and motionless on his mattress.
(d) He has killed himself.

15. Where is David Malter offered a position?
(a) At the Yeshiva where Professor Gordon teaches.
(b) Nowhere.
(c) At the Frankel Seminary.
(d) He does not want a new position.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many typographical errors does Reuven's father find in his new book?

2. Who has been upset by Rav Kalman's article on David Malter's book?

3. What does Michael perceive about many things?

4. What does Reuven take Danny on Friday?

5. What does Ruth Gordon want?

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