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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Reb Saunders happy to think about the Gordon family?
(a) They are wealthy.
(b) They are willing to stand up for their beliefs.
(c) They are well educated.
(d) They observe the commandments.

2. What does Kalman say to Reuven in class?
(a) Nothing.
(b) He acts as though nothing is different.
(c) He apologizes for his article about Reuven's father's book.
(d) Only what is relevant to the daily lesson.

3. Against what does Kalman fight?
(a) The inclusion of Reuven in the group of examinees.
(b) The exclusion of Reuven in the group of examinees.
(c) Allowing Professor Gordon to guest lecture at his school.
(d) The formation of a rabbinics department.

4. What does Kalman think Reuven wavers between?
(a) The physical and spiritual worlds.
(b) Zeal and apathy.
(c) Hot and cold.
(d) Orthodoxy and heterodoxy.

5. What does Michael say to a nurse?
(a) He knows what he must do.
(b) He is abandoning Judaism.
(c) He is leaving the United States.
(d) He is never going to talk to his father again.

6. What is Reuven's father's response to Reuven's meetings with Kalman?
(a) He does not know about them.
(b) He is angry.
(c) He is frustrated and saddened.
(d) He is grateful.

7. What does Ruth Gordon want?
(a) Michael to be moved to an institution.
(b) Rachel to marry Danny soon.
(c) Rachel to marry Ruth's best friend's son.
(d) The experiment on Michael stopped.

8. How does Reuven's father encourage Reuven to act towards Kalman?
(a) Assertive.
(b) Respectful.
(c) He encourages Reuven not to meet with Kalman.
(d) Agreeable.

9. What has Michael asked?
(a) To see Rachel.
(b) To be allowed to leave the treatment center and make his own way in the world.
(c) To see Reuven.
(d) To emigrate to Israel.

10. What do the teachers at Professor Gordon's school think about David Malter's book?
(a) They have serious reservations.
(b) They love it.
(c) They think it is heretical.
(d) They think it is poorly written.

11. For what is Reuven preparing?
(a) Marriage.
(b) To visit Michael.
(c) To travel to a European Yeshiva.
(d) His smicha examination.

12. To whom does Reuven talk about Michael's actions?
(a) His father.
(b) Just Danny.
(c) Mary and Danny.
(d) A new psychiatrist at the hospital.

13. Why is Michael taken away?
(a) For slapping Rachel.
(b) For trying to slit his wrists.
(c) For screaming obscenities at other patients.
(d) For setting a fire and cutting Reuven.

14. Who is Abe Greenfield?
(a) Danny's cousin.
(b) A friend with whom Reuven is sailing.
(c) The young man Rachel is dating.
(d) A student in Reuven's class at seminary.

15. With whom does Reb Saunders think Danny is involved?
(a) Rachel Gordon.
(b) A reformed Jewish woman.
(c) No one.
(d) A Christian girl.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rav Kalman ask during Reuven's oral exams?

2. What film do Danny and Reuven and their dates go to see?

3. What enrages Michael and causes him to organize a group of boys to try to get out of the treatment center?

4. What does Michael still refuse to do?

5. Where is Reuven at the opening of Chapter 9?

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