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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Two, Chapter Nine.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How often does Reuven see Rachel between October and December?
(a) Seldom.
(b) Almost daily.
(c) Several days a week.
(d) Never.

2. To whom does the conversation between Danny and Reuven turn after talking about Rachel?
(a) Kalman Rebbe.
(b) Michael.
(c) Professor Gordon.
(d) Reuven's father.

3. What kind of game do Reuven, Rachel and Michael go to?
(a) Ring toss.
(b) Ball throwing.
(c) A bottle knock down.
(d) A dice game.

4. What time frame does Chapter 5 concern?
(a) Late 1952.
(b) It is not stated.
(c) Autumn to early December of 1951.
(d) Early 1951.

5. According to Reuven, what will happen to the Hasid if they do not change?
(a) They will be left at the wayside.
(b) They will grow stronger.
(c) They will lose.
(d) They will stagnate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Reuven call the day after he and Michael go sailing?

2. About whom does Rachel ask Reuven?

3. Where is Reuven at the opening of Chapter 9?

4. According to David Malter, how do scribal errors influence his interpretation of texts?

5. Who is David Malter?

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