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Hirsch University - The university where Kalman teaches and Reuven is getting ordained as a rabbi.

Frankel Seminary and Library - The seminary where Gordon teaches and where David Malter eventually takes a job.

Reuven's House - A home in Williamsburg, where some of the book's major events take place and where the narrator lives.

Daniel's Apartment - This serves as a meeting ground for Reuven and Daniel at several points throughout the book.

The Gordons' Home - Reuven often visits this home, sometimes with Rachel and other times just to speak about Michael or to talk about Abraham's work.

The Treatment Center - Michael eventually has to enter this place where Danny works.

The Torah - The first five books of the Bible thought to have been written by Moses.

The Talmud - A record of discussions by rabbis about Jewish law, ethics, customs and history...

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