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Hirsch University

The university where Kalman teaches and Reuven is getting ordained as a rabbi.

Frankel Seminary and Library

The seminary where Gordon teaches and where David Malter eventually takes a job.

Reuven's House

A home in Williamsburg, where some of the book's major events take place and where the narrator lives.

Daniel's Apartment

This serves as a meeting ground for Reuven and Daniel at several points throughout the book.

The Gordons' Home

Reuven often visits this home, sometimes with Rachel and other times just to speak about Michael or to talk about Abraham's work.

The Treatment Center

Michael eventually has to enter this place where Danny works.

The Torah

The first five books of the Bible thought to have been written by Moses.

The Talmud

A record of discussions by rabbis about Jewish law, ethics, customs and history, etc.

The Smicha

The ordination of a rabbi.

The Experimental Treatment

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