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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Henry think of the bag of tools they find in Cliff City?

2. Where does Blake lodge?

3. Why does the Professor NOT prepare for the fall school term?

4. How much did Lillian inherit from her father?

5. How much money does a person need to get into the poker game?

Short Essay Questions

1. Had Outland lived, what would his life have looked like? Would he have lost his sense of adventure?

2. What was Blake's personality like? How did this affect how others viewed him?

3. How does the mesa "come together" for Outland on his return from Washington?

4. How did Outland affect the outcome of the Spanish Adventurers' novels?

5. According to the Professor, when did he change from the young Kansas boy to the mature adult?

6. How does Outland's group know that the ancient city had not been attacked by enemies?

7. When the Professor thinks about Euripides, he thinks that maybe he lived in a cave because he had observed women so closely all his life. What does the Professor mean by this?

8. How do Outland and his men keep records as they excavate the ancient Cliff City?

9. Are the clerks at the Indian Commission in Washington truly interested in Cliff City?

10. What was the protocol for men coming in from working on the railroad? What did Rodney Blake do? How did others view his appearance?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Had Outland lived, how would the Professor's life be different? Would it be better or worse?

Essay Topic 2

Do the Professor and Lillian still love each other? Explain and support your argument with examples from the text.,

Essay Topic 3

What memories of Paris stand out for the Professor and why? Why are the memories so painful to him? How can he overcome the pain?

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