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Short Answer Questions

1. Who used to sit in the garden in the summer evenings and talk with the Professor?

2. Other than the editorials, what does Scott write daily for the paper?

3. What does the Professor's family think about the bathroom of a house?

4. Where did the Professor grow up?

5. What was the only thing that Kathleen could really paint?

Short Essay Questions

1. What financial offer does Rosamond offer her father? Why is the Professor uncomfortable with the offer?

2. How might Outland sound imaginary to readers?

3. What happened to the girl from the charity school when the Professor tried to give her flowers? What is the significance of this moment?

4. Who is Louie and Rosamond's house named after? Why is this such a shock to the family?

5. How does the rivalry between Scott and Louie play out with Louie's entrance to Arts and Letters?

6. When Outland handed the turquoises to the girls, what did the professor notice about his hands?

7. What about Lillian's opinions bother the Professor?

8. What kind of games did Outland play with the girls?

9. What is the professor's answer to Scott when he expresses concern about Louie naming his new home "Outland"?

10. How does the Professor feel about Lillian's relationships with her sons-in-law?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Do the Professor and Lillian still love each other? Explain and support your argument with examples from the text.,

Essay Topic 2

In the end, what was the importance of the mesa for Outland? What did Outland find in his own soul that connected him to the mesa? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Had Outland lived, how would the Professor's life be different? Would it be better or worse?

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