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The Professor's Study

This location is a small and cramped room with a view of Lake Michigan, which is where St. Peter's heart truly lies.


This is the town where St. Peter lives and teaches, and where he met Tom Outland.

Cruzados River

This is the body of water in New Mexico along which Tom Outland and Rodney Blake grazed the cattle.

Blue Mesa

This beautiful location is a notable landmark in the area of New Mexico where Tom Outland and Rodney Blake grazed cattle.


This location is where Tom spent a number of months trying to get the Smithsonian Institute and the government interested in his discovery of an ancient site.

Cliff City

This is the ancient site discovered by Tom Outland in Tom Outland's Story, Chapter 3.

The New House

This was built with the money that accompanied the Oxford Prize in History, and where...

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