The Professor's House Character Descriptions

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Professor Godfrey St. Peter

This character is an accomplished person, chair of European history at a small college in a town that borders Lake Michigan, and author of an edited volume work about the Spanish Adventures in North America.

Tom Outland

This character discovers long abandoned cities that have many ruins and artifacts and, with friends, spends a few months exploring the mesa, and then travels to Washington to try to garner interest in the ancient ruins.

Lillian St. Peter

This character has been the wife of the main character for almost thirty years. She was his main intellectual companion until a cowboy from the southwest came along. She is very involved in the lives of her children, especially her two sons-in-law.

Louie Marsellus

This character is one of the sons-in-law in the story. An electrical engineer by trade, he was able to take the notes about an...

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