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Book 1, The Family, Chapter 1

• "The Professor's House", by Willa Cather, is a tale about dealing with loss and change.

• Godfrey St. Peter is a successful author and professor at a small Midwestern college, Hamilton.

• His family's move to a new house sets off a series of personal and familial tensions.

• Instead of moving with his family, Godfrey St. Peter decides to continue using his study in his old house.

• Godfrey St. Peter shares the study with the family seamstress, Augusta.

• Augusta stops by to get the dress forms, but St. Peter will not let her take them away saying they are a part of the study for him.
• Augusta leaves.

• St. Peter spends more time reflecting on his life and his work.

• He describes how he devoted his life to two works, writing his series, "The Spanish Adventures" and teaching at the university.

• He also reflects on the...

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