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Alison Weir (historian)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did King Edward IV stun the world with his marriage?
(a) He secretly married an English commoner, Elizabeth Wydville.
(b) He betrothed himself to the Spanish Infanta.
(c) He secretly married Queen Margaret.
(d) He married the daughter of Louis XI.

2. At age forty, how is Edward IV described physically by his contemporaries?
(a) He is described as overweight, partaking in too many of life's excesses.
(b) He is described as slim and willowy, almost ladylike.
(c) He is described as tall and thin, extremely pious and eating little.
(d) He is described as short and dark, with muscular shoulders and legs.

3. Where in the Tower of London were the Princes probably kept?
(a) The Garden Tower.
(b) Raleigh's Walk.
(c) The Bloody Tower.
(d) The White Tower.

4. Who did Gloucester basically force out of sanctuary?
(a) Elizabeth Wydville.
(b) Edward V.
(c) Henry Tudor.
(d) Richard, Duke of York.

5. Who was sent to live with Gloucester's wife, this person's maternal aunt?
(a) The Marquess of Dorset.
(b) The Earl of Warwick.
(c) The Duke of York.
(d) The Duke of Buckingham.

6. How did Richard increase his power on the council?
(a) He threatened to confiscate everyone's property.
(b) He sent them all to war in France.
(c) He turned other council members against each other.
(d) He killed the Queen and her daughters.

7. What process usually reserved for magnates of the realm was overlooked before Hastings' execution?
(a) He had the right to be tried by his peers in Parliament.
(b) He had the right to create a new will.
(c) He had the right to say goodbye to his loved ones.
(d) He had the right to defend himself in a public trial.

8. What significant person died at the Battler of Tewkesbury?
(a) King Edward IV.
(b) The Earl of Warwick.
(c) King Henry VI.
(d) Prince Edward of Lancaster.

9. Why did Gloucester prefer to promote Buckingham instead of Hastings?
(a) Hastings was still loyal to Edward V.
(b) Hastings was very ill and would probably die within the month.
(c) Hastings did not have as much money as Buckingham.
(d) Hastings wanted to marry Elizabeth Wydville.

10. With what country had England declared war just before the death of Edward IV?
(a) Portugal.
(b) Germany.
(c) Spain.
(d) France.

11. What court faction was Clarence staunchly opposed to?
(a) The Welsh.
(b) The Wydvilles.
(c) The Yorkists.
(d) The French.

12. From whom was Henry Stafford, second Duke of Buckingham, descended?
(a) Edward III.
(b) Henry VIII.
(c) Richard I.
(d) William the Conqueror.

13. Who was Elizabeth Shore?
(a) She was the King's daughter.
(b) She was the King's niece.
(c) She was the King's favorite mistress.
(d) She was the King's wife.

14. Where did Gloucester send Rivers, Grey, and Vaughn?
(a) He sent them to strongholds in the north.
(b) He sent them to France to fight.
(c) He sent them to Wales.
(d) He sent them to the Tower of London.

15. How many legitimate children did Richard have?
(a) Three.
(b) Five.
(c) Thirteen.
(d) One.

Short Answer Questions

1. Initially, who was Gloucester's chief supporter?

2. During the time period, what did people think physical deformity meant about an individual?

3. What title did Edward IV give Richard just before his death?

4. How did contemporary magnates feel about the Wydvilles?

5. Who did Gloucester claim withered his arm using witchcraft?

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