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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Miss Brodie want Rose to do?
(a) Have an affair with Mr. Lloyd
(b) Move into Miss Brodie’s house
(c) Become Mr. Lowther’s housekeeper
(d) Go to college

2. What does Miss Brodie predict to Sandy about Rose?
(a) Rose will take over her father’s business
(b) Rose will be a great actress some day
(c) Rose will have an affair with Mr. Lloyd
(d) Rose will be a highly paid courtesan

3. What does Miss Brodie want to do with one of the girls?
(a) Take her on vacation to Germany
(b) Send her to housekeep for Mr. Lowther
(c) Confide Miss Brodie’s secrets
(d) Have her teach some of Miss Brodie’s classes

4. What does the headmistress do after she divides the set?
(a) Interview them for potential employers
(b) Interrogate them about Miss Brodie
(c) Give them vocational testing
(d) Test their language skills

5. Who puts flowers on Miss Brodie’s grave?
(a) Jenny Gray
(b) Rose Stanley
(c) Monica Douglas
(d) Eunice Gardiner

6. How does the headmistress divide the girls in the set?
(a) By four and one
(b) Individually
(c) By threes
(d) By twos

7. What ages do the girls become in Chapter 5?
(a) 14 and 15
(b) 13
(c) 15 and 16
(d) 16

8. What does Miss Brodie say to the girls about Mr. Lowther and herself?
(a) That he is devoted to Miss Brodie
(b) That he is not as handsome as Mr. Lloyd
(c) That he is boring in bed
(d) That he has asked Miss Brodie to marry him

9. What does Miss Brodie say when comparing Hitler to Mussolini?
(a) Mussolini is more reliable
(b) Hitler is more reliable
(c) Mussolini is more intelligent than Hitler.
(d) Hitler is more in tune with modern ideas

10. What curriculum did one girl in the set take?
(a) Classical
(b) Modern
(c) Women Studies
(d) Liberal Arts

11. Where does Miss Brodie vacation in 1933?
(a) In Poland
(b) In Italy
(c) In Switzerland
(d) In Germany

12. What does Monica Douglas’s husband do for a living?
(a) He is a doctor
(b) He is a lawyer
(c) He is a scientist
(d) He is a college professor

13. What does Miss Brodie do on Sundays?
(a) Visits her mother
(b) Attends church
(c) Rests at home
(d) Goes to the city

14. Why do members of the set like to visit Sandy?
(a) It makes them feel spiritual
(b) They like knowing she betrayed Miss Brodie
(c) Because she knows all the gossip about Miss Brodie
(d) She was always the most popular of the girls

15. What does Sandy tell the headmistress about Miss Brodie?
(a) For the headmistress to look at Miss Brodie’s politics
(b) Miss Brodie is dangerous
(c) Miss Brodie is a closet Jew
(d) She made a pass at Sandy

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the headmistress hope to do with the divided girls?

2. What does Miss Brodie say about Hitler?

3. What distortion does Sandy see about Rose in the paintings?

4. What paintings are there who are not of girls in the set?

5. Which girl of the set did poorly on her exams and spent a lot of time home studying?

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