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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the result of the headmistress’ efforts with the girls?
(a) She fails to find incriminating evidence
(b) She is able to find a job for each person
(c) She understands where each girl needs extra tutoring
(d) She is able to steer each girl into an interesting career

2. Of what does Sandy feel deprived?
(a) Sweets to eat after dinner
(b) Enough books in the library
(c) The religion of John Calvin
(d) Miss Brodie’s attention

3. What does Miss Brodie do on Sundays?
(a) Goes to the city
(b) Attends church
(c) Rests at home
(d) Visits her mother

4. What does the housekeeper do about what she finds under the pillow?
(a) Throw it away
(b) Tell Miss Brodie
(c) Tell the headmistress
(d) Nothing

5. Which girl of the set did poorly on her exams and spent a lot of time home studying?
(a) Sandy Stranger
(b) Rose Stanley
(c) Mary Macgregor
(d) Jenny Gray

6. What discourages Mr. Lloyd from giving up teaching and preparing an exhibition?
(a) He worries about his large family
(b) His lack of talent
(c) His wife does not want him to quit teaching
(d) He is worried about his physical handicap

7. When does Miss Brodie visit Mr. Lowther?
(a) On Saturdays
(b) On Thursdays
(c) On Sunday afternoons
(d) On Friday nights

8. What do the girls do in Miss Lockhart’s class?
(a) Geometry
(b) Cooking
(c) Sewing
(d) Science experiments

9. What did Eunice Gardiner practice with her boyfriend?
(a) Horseback riding
(b) Tennis
(c) Golf
(d) Swimming and diving

10. What does Miss Brodie predict to Sandy about Rose?
(a) Rose will have an affair with Mr. Lloyd
(b) Rose will be a great actress some day
(c) Rose will be a highly paid courtesan
(d) Rose will take over her father’s business

11. What drawing did Sandy Stranger see of Monica Douglas?
(a) She is eating ice cream
(b) She is leaning against a lamp post with a working woman’s shawl
(c) She is swinging a golf club
(d) She is sitting on a park bench

12. On what subject does Miss Brodie question the girls when they visit her at Mr. Lowther’s house?
(a) About their family life
(b) About Mr. Lloyd
(c) About their social life
(d) All of their subjects

13. Why do members of the set like to visit Sandy?
(a) It makes them feel spiritual
(b) She was always the most popular of the girls
(c) Because she knows all the gossip about Miss Brodie
(d) They like knowing she betrayed Miss Brodie

14. What motivates Joyce Emily to leave school?
(a) She is failing her classes
(b) She becomes pregnant
(c) She takes Miss Brodie’s political views to heart
(d) Her mother is ill

15. What does Miss Brodie say Mary Macgregor does not have even though Mary’s grades are honor grades?
(a) Spiritual insight
(b) Much intellectual ability
(c) Moral character
(d) Common sense

Short Answer Questions

1. What religion is the Lloyd family?

2. What does Deirdre Lloyd say about Miss Brodie?

3. What kind of business did Rose Stanley’s father own?

4. What does Miss Brodie say when comparing Hitler to Mussolini?

5. How does Mr. Lowther look on Miss Brodie now that he is married?

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