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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jenny believe about sex?
(a) It is highly overrated
(b) She does not have any erotic wonder
(c) Boys like it more than girls
(d) It is a wonderful experience

2. What does the headmistress do after she divides the set?
(a) Interview them for potential employers
(b) Test their language skills
(c) Give them vocational testing
(d) Interrogate them about Miss Brodie

3. On what subject does Miss Brodie question the girls when they visit her at Mr. Lowther’s house?
(a) About their family life
(b) About Mr. Lloyd
(c) All of their subjects
(d) About their social life

4. What distortion does Sandy see about Rose in the paintings?
(a) Rose is not so tall
(b) Rose looks like a boy
(c) Her lips are too large
(d) Her breasts are too large

5. What does Mr. Lowther’s housekeeper find under his bed pillow?
(a) A pornography book
(b) A woman’s nightgown
(c) A letter from Miss Brodie
(d) A birth control device

6. Who was the first woman to dress as a peasant?
(a) Sandy Stranger
(b) Deirdre Lloyd
(c) Rose Stanley
(d) Eunice Gardiner

7. What do the girls do in Miss Lockhart’s class?
(a) Cooking
(b) Science experiments
(c) Sewing
(d) Geometry

8. What subject does the person(s) who are helping Mr. Lowther teach?
(a) Elementary education
(b) Math
(c) German
(d) Sewing

9. Who else does Sandy see paintings of from the set?
(a) Eunice Gardiner and Monica Douglas
(b) Jenny Gray and Eunice Gardiner
(c) Mary Macgregor and Monica Douglas
(d) Mary Macgregor and Jenny Gray

10. Where does Joyce Emily go when she leaves school?
(a) Home
(b) To England, to enroll in a vocational school
(c) To her boyfriend’s town in Italy, to be married
(d) To Spain

11. What does Sandy say about current events to the headmistress?
(a) She pays close attention to world events
(b) She does not understand what is happening in Germany
(c) She believes that reading the newspaper everyday is a duty for every citizen
(d) She has no interest at all in current events

12. How does Joyce Emily die?
(a) In childbirth
(b) She does not die in this book
(c) She is accidentally shot in Italy
(d) She dies in a train accident

13. What time of the year does the set always visit Sandy Stranger?
(a) Fall
(b) Summer
(c) Spring
(d) Winter

14. What does Sandy say about sex that year?
(a) There is not much time for sex research
(b) She has now tried sex and does not like it
(c) She plans to abstain from sex her entire life
(d) Sandy Stranger does not talk about sex at all

15. How does Mr. Lowther look on Miss Brodie now that he is married?
(a) With disgust
(b) With understanding of how she manipulated him
(c) With indifference
(d) With admiration

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does Sandy feel deprived?

2. What motivates Joyce Emily to leave school?

3. Why do members of the set like to visit Sandy?

4. What age are the Brodie set in 1937?

5. How many of the Brodie set visits Miss Brodie at Mr. Lowther’s house at a time?

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