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Short Answer Questions

1. Angier vows to perform Borden's illusion even better than Borden within ___________ of his return from America.

2. What is a second reason the partial Angier decides to kill Borden?

3. In the year that Angier resisted retaliating against Borden, what was the final incident Borden conducted that cause Angier to finally retaliate again?

4. What does Arthur Koenig have in Section 14, Part 4, that he wants to sell to Angier?

5. Why is Angier planning to stage his own death?

Short Essay Questions

1. After his prestige dies, what does Angier decide to do?

2. How does Angier react to Borden's illusion, the New Transported Man, the first time he witnesses it?

3. How does Olivia end up leaving Angier?

4. What are Angier's two life goals by Section 10, Part 4?

5. Why does Angier travel to Colorado Springs?

6. What does Angier note as the outcome of Borden pushing Julia down during one of their seances?

7. What does Angier realize about Tesla's relationship with Borden in Section 11, Part 4?

8. There are two Angiers by Section 14, Part 4. Describe the Angier narrating.

9. Why does Angier decide to kill Borden, and what ultimately happens?

10. Under which two conditions does Julia agree to come back to Angier and be his wife again?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What role was the supernatural play in The Prestige?

Essay Topic 2

Explain the organizational structure of The Prestige and how that affects the reader's experience.

Essay Topic 3

What is the role of death in The Prestige? Compare how at least two different characters deal with death.

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