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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Angier do when Tesla increases the price charge for creating the apparatus Angier wants?

2. What do Angier and Telsa realize after two 'failures' that the machine is actually doing?

3. What is necessary for the partial Angier to be visible?

4. What is one reason that the partial Angier decides to kill Borden?

5. What is the second condition Julia sets in order for her to return to Angier?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Angier do with his extra time when he is performing near the town Hastings, prior to his American tour?

2. How does Olivia end up leaving Angier?

3. What is the big twist at the end of Section 13, Part 4?

4. How does performing In A Flash affect Angier when he first starts performing it using Tesla's machine?

5. What actions does Angier take in Section 4, Part 4 to secure his family's fortune and lifestyle?

6. How does Olivia Svenson enter Angier's life?

7. Under which two conditions does Julia agree to come back to Angier and be his wife again?

8. How does Angier manage to perform Borden's New Transporting Man illusion without knowing how Borden does it?

9. What does Angier note as the outcome of Borden pushing Julia down during one of their seances?

10. After Angier finally admits to Telsa what he wants to use the machine for, what does Tesla succeed in making the machine do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Borden and Angier's priorities. Did either men's priorities change throughout the story?

Essay Topic 2

Sarah and Julia are important women in Borden and Angier's lives, as their wives. Compare and contrast these two women and how they respond to having master illusionists as husbands.

Essay Topic 3

Determine what genre - and sub-genre, if applicable - The Prestige falls in to. At what point in the book does the genre become clear?

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