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Short Answer Questions

1. What country does Angier travel to, resulting in Borden having to send letters about their feud?

2. The Machine used for the New Transporting Man is designed to make the audience a bit __________.

3. What physical trait did the Chinese magician fake his entire life, so as not to give his trick away?

4. Who fed Kate's fears of something in her house when she was little?

5. How many steps to a magic trick does Borden identify?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the situation of Angier an Borden's first meeting.

2. How does Borden and Olive's relationship change in Section 4, Part 2?

3. After Angier dies, what does Borden write that he remembers about Angier's appearance the night of his performance in America?

4. What are the three steps to a magic trick, as Borden explains in his journal?

5. What is the story of the Chinese magician that Alfred shares?

6. What does Lady Katherine say to Andrew that utterly stuns him? Why is he so surprised?

7. What happens when Borden sneaks backstage during Angier's show in America?

8. Who is Thomas Elborne?

9. Who is John Henry Anderson, and what was his relationship with Alfred?

10. What does Kate believe about the young boy who her father killed?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Olive Westcombe is a very important secondary character in The Prestige. Describe her role in the book, and what her character revealed about Borden and Angier to readers.

Essay Topic 2

Guilt is a repeating theme in The Prestige. Describe the different ways guilt affects the characters and drives the plot.

Essay Topic 3

Trust is a major theme running throughout The Prestige, affecting each of the characters differently. Select three of the following characters and describe how the theme of trust applies to them. Who did they trust? Who trusted them? Whose trust did they break? Who broke their trust?

• Borden

• Angier

• Sarah

• Olive

• Julia

• Koenig

• Root

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