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Short Answer Questions

1. What building does Andrew travel to for his story as the book opens?

2. How does Borden think Angier accomplishes his illusion that is similar to Borden's?

3. Which room did Kate secretly follow her father into, knowing she wasn't allowed there?

4. How does Angier describe his first appearance on stage?

5. Who was known as Le Professeur de Magie?

Short Essay Questions

1. What attempts does Borden make to reconcile with Angier in Section 5, Part 2, and why?

2. What is Andrew's profession and where has it taken him as the novel opens?

3. Who does the narrator of Section 6, Part 3 remember coming to their childhood home, and what was significant about the room the narrator's memory took place in?

4. What does Alfred write about his secret in Section 2?

5. Describe Angier's most famous trick.

6. How does Borden and Angier's feud begin?

7. Who is Thomas Elborne?

8. What object did the narrator of Section 6, Part 3 see that was new and frightening, and what happened in that object?

9. Describe the situation of Angier an Borden's first meeting.

10. What is the story Borden tells in Section 4, Part 2 about how Olive Wescombe was hired, and how is it different than the story given earlier?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Olive Westcombe is a very important secondary character in The Prestige. Describe her role in the book, and what her character revealed about Borden and Angier to readers.

Essay Topic 2

The line between protagonist and antagonist is not as clear cut in The Prestige as it is in other books. Explain who is the protagonist and antagonist in this story, providing ample examples from the book to support your decision.

Essay Topic 3

When and how was Borden introduced to magic? What information about this time in his childhood does he chose to reveal in his journal entries, and what does this reveal to readers about Bordon?

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