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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What building does Andrew travel to for his story as the book opens?
(a) Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints.
(b) Glorioos Church of Jesus Christ.
(c) Saint Mary's Catholic Church.
(d) Rapturous Church of Jesus Christ.

2. Whose traveling magic show did a young Alfred attend night after night in 1872, hoping to discover the secret to a trick?
(a) Mr. Nevil Maskelyne.
(b) Rupert Angier.
(c) John Henry Anderson.
(d) Ching Ling Foo.

3. At whose home does Borden first see Angier performing?
(a) Borden's aunt's house.
(b) Angier's mom's house.
(c) Angier's house.
(d) Borden's mom's house.

4. What is Julia Fensell's profession when she and Angier first meet?
(a) Acress.
(b) Magician's assistant.
(c) Dancer.
(d) She is unemployed.

5. How does Borden think Angier accomplishes his illusion that is similar to Borden's?
(a) Borden believes Angier uses a double.
(b) Borden cannot figure it out.
(c) Borden thinks Angier has a secret tunnel dug under the auditorium.
(d) Borden believes Angier has the same secret Borden does.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Angier's most famous magic trick called?

2. Who did the head of the traveling magic show in 1972 write Alfred a letter of introduction to?

3. What was Nikolas Tesla's scientific concentration?

4. When Andrew finds out that the church did not contact him for the story, who did?

5. What Chinese magician did Alfred observe?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Angier reveal about his childhood in his journal entries in Section 6, Part 3?

2. Did either Borden or Angier ever try to reconcile their feud? If so, what happened?

3. How does Angier meet Julia Fensell, and how does their relationship progress?

4. What happens when Borden sneaks backstage during Angier's show in America?

5. What does Borden describe in Section 4, Part 2 about the act accompanying his New Transported Man trick?

6. Andrew finds out it was not the church who contacted his newspaper about a story. Who actually contacted Andrew's newspaper, and why?

7. What attempts does Borden make to reconcile with Angier in Section 5, Part 2, and why?

8. What are the three steps to a magic trick, as Borden explains in his journal?

9. After Angier dies, what does Borden write that he remembers about Angier's appearance the night of his performance in America?

10. Who narrates Section 6, Part 3, and what does that individual focus on?

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