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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 10: Part 4 (pages 225-253).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Angier say he almost did when Borden disrupted his act by cutting the electricity?
(a) Killed Borden.
(b) Got electrocuted.
(c) Drowned.
(d) Broke his arm.

2. After ten years of no entries, what does Angier describe in detail?
(a) A new trick called The Great Disappearance.
(b) His affair with his assistant.
(c) The performance Borden interrupted.
(d) The birth of his daughter.

3. How does Andrew interpret the church when he first arrives?
(a) A safe place.
(b) Too quiet.
(c) A forboding place.
(d) Too colorful.

4. Who is the first woman Angier believes he is in love with?
(a) Olive Westcombe.
(b) Drusilla MacAvoy.
(c) Julia Fensell.
(d) Lady Katherine Angier.

5. Who was Thomas Elborne?
(a) Borden's assistant.
(b) Borden's apprentice.
(c) Borden's best friend.
(d) Borden's ingenieur.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Angier meet Olivia?

2. Whose name is on the book Andrew receives as a package?

3. At what age did Borden begin performing alone on stage?

4. How many steps to a magic trick does Borden identify?

5. How does Angier describe his relationship with Olivia at the beginning of Section 10, Part 4?

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