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Essay Topic 1

Determine what genre - and sub-genre, if applicable - The Prestige falls in to. At what point in the book does the genre become clear?

Essay Topic 2

Trust is a major theme running throughout The Prestige, affecting each of the characters differently. Select three of the following characters and describe how the theme of trust applies to them. Who did they trust? Who trusted them? Whose trust did they break? Who broke their trust?

• Borden

• Angier

• Sarah

• Olive

• Julia

• Koenig

• Root

Essay Topic 3

Explain the organizational structure of The Prestige and how that affects the reader's experience.

Essay Topic 4

Olive Westcombe is a very important secondary character in The Prestige. Describe her role in the book, and what her character revealed about Borden and Angier to readers.

Essay Topic 5

Compare and contrast Borden's most famous illusion, the New Transported Man, to Angier's most famous illusion, In...

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