The Prestige Character Descriptions

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Andrew Westley

This individual was adopted at three years old, and is now a newspaper journalist.

Lady Katherine Angier

This attractive character seeks out the narrator to discuss their ancestors' feud, as well as the fact that she met the narrator once as a child.

Alfred Borden

This character, known as Le Professeur de Magie, feels horribly guilty over a longstanding rivalry he has with another magician. This character has a secret that is eating away at him.

Rupert Angier

This character has a long-standing feud with another musician, with pure hatred on this character's side. This character starts as a spiritualist, but later becomes a famous and wealthy magician, although he dies performing one of his tricks.

Olive Wescombe

This character ultimately assists and becomes the lover of both rivaling magicians.

Thomas Elbourne

This elderly character worked with the magician known as Le Professeur de Magie and...

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