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Section 1: Part 1

• The narrator, Andrew Westley, is a journalist writing a follow-up article about a bilocating priest.

• A woman who seems to know Andrew's birth family delivers him a book written by Alfred Borden; the same name as Andrew's father.

• Andrew has no interest in locating his birth family, but he does believe he has a twin brother in the world, whom he would like to find.

• Andrew has always felt as though he was sharing his life with another half.

• Andrew arrives at the Rapturous Chuch to interview the bilocating priest, and feels a bit nervous, but then Andrew feels his 'twin' or 'brother' urging him on.

• Andrew discovers that a neighbor - not the church - contacted his paper about a story. The neighbor is Lady Katherine Angier.

• Katherine is who sent Andrew the book.

• Katherine says she met Andrew when he was a boy and...

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