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Connie Bruck
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Short Answer Questions

1. What happened in April of 1987 while the investigation of Milken and Drexel was proceeding?

2. Who paid $2-billion for the Metromedia television stations and their assets?

3. How was Joseph building his diversified team?

4. What is it called when one investor holds stock for another investor and thus conceals the identity of the owner?

5. When did the trading of Milken, Icahn, Posner and Boyd Jeffries, as well as others come under investigation?

Short Essay Questions

1. How and why did Milken avoid personal publicity?

2. Why were other investment firms not as successful as Drexel?

3. How widespread was Milken's competition by the fall of 1986?

4. Tell something of the anticipation associated with SEC and FBI investigations into Drexel and Milken.

5. What was James Grant's position on where things would eventually lead in the credit cycle?

6. Describe the reason for Wedvick's problems with Atlantic Capital.

7. How did Drexel achieve god-like status with investors?

8. State some of the details about Milken's being investigated for insider trading.

9. How did Milken disagree with the idea that liquidity was scarce?

10. How did political connections aid Drexel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on the value of competition. Using the meteoric rise of Drexel in the junk bond business, note how the competition attempted to imitate its success. In your paper, discuss how competition leads to greater achievements and better products.

Essay Topic 2

The name, Predators' Ball, says a great deal about the people who organized the ball and those who clamored for invitations. Write an essay about predators and why this title was so appropriate for the people involved. Give your opinion about how that title expresses disregard for the people who were the victims.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay on how power corrupts. Using Milken as an example, discuss how easy it is for one who gains great power to think that the rules do not apply to him/her. In the essay discuss how flaunting the rules for a good purpose does not make it right.

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