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Connie Bruck
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who paid $2-billion for the Metromedia television stations and their assets?
(a) Bill Gates
(b) Rupert Murdock
(c) Ted Turner
(d) Time-Warner

2. What did the Revlon takeover prove?
(a) the power of Milken and junk bond financing
(b) that Revlon stock was way overvalued
(c) that women will buy Revlon no matter who owns the company
(d) that Perelman knew nothing about hostile takeovers

3. How did Milken's unit function within the larger firm?
(a) as an integrated member of the firm
(b) as a front for other Drexel activities
(c) as the firm's banker
(d) as a separate firm within Drexel

4. What was Samuel Heyman able to get from Milken?
(a) an office suite in the drexel building
(b) 100% capital from drexel
(c) an investment-grade rate when he purchased GAF
(d) names of Drexel's best investors

5. What was another company Wedvick used in his investment scheme?
(a) Caribbean Investment Corporation
(b) Banco de Mexico
(c) Kansa General Insurance Company in Helsinki, Finland
(d) Barzil International Insurance

Short Answer Questions

1. How were some people able to beat Milken on deals?

2. What had been Perelman's greatest acquisition before Revlon?

3. What made a Wickes takeover so attractive to Sanford Sigoloff?

4. What did Milken demand from everyone around him?

5. What was Perelman planning to do when he took over Pantry Pride in 1985?

Short Essay Questions

1. How was Drexel involved in the Ivan Boesky charges?

2. Why were other investment firms not as successful as Drexel?

3. What were some of Perelman's activities after acquiring Revlon?

4. How did Drexel achieve god-like status with investors?

5. Before Revlon, what had been Perelman's biggest success?

6. State some of the details about Milken's being investigated for insider trading.

7. Why did Milken play the role of enforcer?

8. Describe the reason for Wedvick's problems with Atlantic Capital.

9. What was Ronald Perelman's purpose for acquiring Pantry Pride?

10. Describe Milken's goals for the Asian markets.

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